Visitors enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the many rows of long gray desks, our various teams and how they collaborate from our footbridge three meters above the floor. KMS TEAM employees also answered questions about everyday life at our brand agency. The Management Board welcomed the guests and offered personal insights into their work.

From Albrecht Dürer to Manfred Spitzer, Simon Betsch traced the development of the »brand« as a concept, explained various brand theories and presented fundamental principles and strategies for brand success. A video on our brand model, »Tiefendesign«, illustrated what a brand is and how it works. The branding expert concluded that brands are essentially activated through a combination of an idea, identity, attitude, self-similarity and the principle of exformation.

This was followed with a presentation of exclusive results of a recent study designed to explore the status quo of brands in 2014. Selected top managers throughout Germany were asked to respond to the topic of »brand relevance in the enterprise«.

The evening continued with inspiring conversations, Bavarian food, drinks and good music.

Many thanks to all of our guests and colleagues for this successful event!



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09/24/2014 | 80 best cases, workshops, discussions and keynote speakers: This year, Managing Director and strategy expert Simon Betsch will join the panel of prominent speakers with his presentation on »Growth and Success through Consistent Brand Management«.

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