Standing on one’sown two wheels

BMW Motorrad A motorcycle isn’t a car. Nonetheless, the BMW automotive and BMW Motorrad brands were still united for many years, offering “sheer driving pleasure” on two or four wheels. But is that enough to attract motorcycle aficionados surrounded by brands like Ducati, Harley-Davidson and KTM? As BMW Motorrad’s lead agency, we developed a strategy and identity that would open up new opportunities for the future and emancipate the brand – away from the product brand and towards an experience brand, out of the parent company’s shadow and straight into the hearts of the motorcycle community.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Typography / corporate fonts
From product
to brand experience
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BMW Motorrad now stands for self-determination and aesthetic clarity.

Vera Schnitzlein

More space for identification

Vera Schnitzlein, Director Strategy at KMS TEAM, explains the benefits of the new, flexible visual identity of BMW Motorrad: »Both the experience of driving a BMW as well as the new brand identity can be located somewhere between the polar opposites of emotional and rational. This creates a space for people to identify with the brand.« In addition to aligning itself effectively with changing markets and customer behaviour, the brand is also expanding its offerings to include adjacent products and services. These are relevant connections to lifestyles and experiences, creating new ways for people to access the world of BMW Motorrad.

Make life a ride

BMW Motorrad is the only full-range supplier in a field of brands with distinguished profiles. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to clearly distinguish between them, however. It’s just necessary to take a different approach. By targeting digitised markets and younger customers, our brand concept promotes identification by portraying the universal self-image of bikers: curious, self-determined, captivating. People don’t just ride BMW Motorrad, they also write their own stories. This links people and their motorcycles in a very emotional way. The underlying brand model describes how customers should see the BMW Motorrad brand. It supplements the BMW values, creating an interplay between emotion and reason.

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02 Infographic BMWM desktop kontur
Focus on customer experience

Connected, yet independent: The BMW Motorrad brand and its newly defined values are based on the brand foundation, which includes attributes we also updated.

Specific identification
despite the extensive portfolio

BMW Motorrad offers products that range from urban to off-road. But motorcycle riding means different things to different people. For this reason, the new corporate design allows for a great deal of flexibility in implementing various types of moods – to clearly distinguish between each individual segment.

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The new corporate design embodies pure joy and inspiration, and this is what makes the overall brand experience so exciting for fans. This theme resonates in even the smallest details, like the outward curved lines of the letters and the many round shapes. The powerful logo and striking typography also reveal the brand’s self-confidence.

Jessica Krier

A brand experience,
even beyond the road

Brand development is a transformation that begins in the company. The new brand profile identified specific aspects that needed adjusting. The corporate design we created for BMW Motorrad in the scope of the project transferred the new positioning to the entire product range. Today, BMW Motorrad appears as an independent experience brand across all digital and non-digital touch points.

Deep insights into
the soul of bikers

Is riding a motorcycle really pure emotion? What role do functional factors play in this buying decision? In order to effectively describe the target vision of »experience«, we conducted a comprehensive analysis as part of our process to develop a strategy for BMW Motorrad. Learn more about our special market research methods and in-depth interviews.

Successfully establish identity
as a basis for behavior

We developed a training program to help dealers dive deep into the world of the BMW Motorrad brand to ensure that the new identity would take effect quickly. Since 2018, our brand team has used this tool around the world to connect product messages with the brand identity and teach everyone how to craft brand-compliant customer communication and service.

BMW Motorrad

BMW has been building motorcycles since 1923. Today, the brand is an important part of the BMW Group, providing an extensive portfolio of products ranging from e-scooters to classic road bikes, high-capacity touring bikes and even racing bikes. The brand is one of the top sellers in Europe. BMW Motorrad continued its successful strategy for growth in 2019, producing around 187,000 motorcycles and generating sales of around 2.4 billion euros.

Meet the team
  • Kms team vera schnitzlein 01 4 3

    Vera Schnitzlein

    Head of Strategy

  • Kms team robert boersting 01 4 3

    Robert Börsting

    Head of Design

Services and results
  • As brand consultants, we helped BMW Motorrad to position itself more independently within the BMW Group. The aim: To boost employee motivation in the company and enhance the willingness of buyers to identify themselves with the brand.
  • We established the brand as a strategic management tool for marketing communication and introduced the corresponding brand principles and assets.
  • With a new corporate identity, corporate design and corporate font, we help enhance the emotional aspects of the brand and strengthen its focus on the digital future.
  • We designed specific measures to support the implementation of this new strategy.