The blue from the sky

summer party app

This year, we were invited to our summer party »The blue from the sky« with an app: The sound-based animation creates individual portraits out of the portraits of all employees that move to the beat of the music. We translated the special team spirit we share at the agency every day into a digital app in which everyone moves in sync.

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How do websites feel?

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Enormous efforts are currently underway to create more physical experiences out of digital applications – whether through the use of immersive VR technology (e.g. Oculus Rift) or through simulation and surface sensing functions on responsive touchscreens and devices. Apple’s iPhone 6S is the first to have a 3D touch engine that recognizes the strength of a tap, triggers the corresponding functions and provides users with tangible feedback on their interaction.

Indeed, an essential, often underestimated aspect of the digital user experience starts much earlier – the way in which brands behave in the digital space.

Ideally, so-called interaction behavior fulfills more than just functional requirements. It expresses the inherent characteristics of a brand and shapes them at the digital touch point. Users experience a direct impression of the brand through the ways in which they interact with it – the specific digital channel doesn’t matter.

Brand and interaction

The detailed definition and precise implementation of digital interaction offers an opportunity to establish lasting brand attributes among users over the long term. Does a brand seem fast or slow, hard or soft? Is it simple or complex, straightforward or playful, open or mysterious? All of this can be influenced through interactive behaviors. These attributes contribute to brand values such as customer orientation, transparency, accessibility and drive.

We always consider the interactive behavior of a digital project early on – during the concept development phase: How does the page respond to the user? What impression does the user get of the brand as a result? Does the website independently offer content to users, or do people need to find it through interaction? Are the navigation elements more conventional or exploratory in nature? All of these can be correct depending on the defined goals.

Making the virtual tangible

Designing interactive behavior starts with developing the hover status for a button, and can continue for ages when working with complex forms. Aspects like service design are important here, as is digital product presentation. 

Naturally, websites don’t actually have any kind of »texture«. This is why pictures, whether moving or still, play the main role in communicating product features. Future efforts will most likely focus on creating a »real« sensory experience. If you glide your hand over a virtual fabric surface shown on a tablet, the technology will simulate the texture of the material. Photos and videos need to do more than just show the product. They should explore the product characteristics in depth and express these in visual terms – while enhancing the brand at the same time.

The possibilities will continue to grow considerably in the future. Projects like Google Soli and Google Jacquard are already showing the future of user interaction between the opposites of »as touch-free as possible« and »as textured as possible«.

The right behavior for the right device

It’s essential to design the graphic user interface in such a way that it be recognized as a logical continuation of the corporate design. Creating this type of design goes far beyond simply developing control elements. It’s just as important to determine whether the content modules move quickly or slowly during interactions, what the different statuses and appearances of the control elements are, and how they transform from one status to the next. The various devices do play a major role – after all, commands that work on a classic desktop computer are definitely not suitable for smartphones or tablets.

An effective interplay of web design, corporate design and interaction design is what leads to a successful digital visual identity for brands and companies – especially when one considers the constantly growing number of digital channels, activities and devices. Designing this interactive behavior is a crucial aspect in creating brand experiences in the digital space.

by Markus Sauer, Design Director Interactive at KMS TEAM 

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»The Making Of«

Recently, at KMS TEAM …

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LICHTGESTALTEN – KMS TEAM's 30th Anniversary

We developed an interactive installation, »LICHTGESTALTEN«, to mark our 30th birthday. Using gestures, people can intuitively interact with each image to create a distinctive graphic expression.


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MLL Münchner Leukämielabor


MLL is a national and international laboratory focused on diagnosing leukemia and lymphoma. Its goal is to use state-of-the-art methods to develop the best possible leukemia diagnostics worldwide – and make this accessible to all patients.

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SGL Carbon


Smart. Customer-specific. Forward-looking. The new website is the main digital touch point and starting point for the next steps on SGL Carbon's digital roadmap. The new brand orientation defined our guiding principles: SGL is positioning itself as a comprehensive solution provider with a strong focus on the users of its products.

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Brand Portal

Digitization, globalization, demographics, health and climate are all major challenges facing the world today – as well as ZEISS’s customers. ZEISS is a leading technology company in the optical and optoelectronic industries that is standing up to these challenges with the best in state-of-the-art technological solutions.

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Munich Re

Digital Brand Experience

Every interaction with a product or service shapes our perception of the brand. Today, the digital brand experience is the main factor for brand success. Based on defined brand principles, it ensures a consistent, brand-specific experience for customers across all digital touch points.

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Corporate Design, Naming, Website

team & project has managed complex programs and projects in particular for major clients in the automotive industry for over 20 years. The firm’s strong growth provided the impetus for a new brand identity. The project includes the strategic positioning, brand and name development, the visual identity, a new website and a new design for the company’s office space.

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BIRKENSTOCK, one of the world’s most famous German brands, is relaunching its corporate website. The most important update: The website features a multi-client capable CMS, which makes it possible to accommodate the content and requirements of international subsidiaries.

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Bardehle Pagenberg


From corporate image website to knowledge platform: BARDEHLE PAGENBERG is one of Europe’s largest law firms specialized in the areas of industrial and intellectual property. As such, the company’s new website needed to meet very high standards, including communicating top quality content as well as the employees’ specific expertise.

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The daily financial magazine provides consumers with orientation and decision-making tools to help them manage their money. The special feature about the site: All information is written in a journalistic style by an independent editorial team. The relaunched website enhances Biallo’s journalistic approach, effectively linking the portal to powerful online comparison calculators. The result: a distinctive, powerful online brand.

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Graphis Design Annual:

Three Awards

08/11/2015 | Graphis honored three of our design projects with awards: Platinum for our LICHTGESTALTEN event video, Silver for our LICHTGESTALTEN installation, and a merit for the research magazines »War & Freedom« and «Outside & Inside« of the University of Heidelberg.

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Brand development and hierarchy

»At FORIS, we strive every day to provide top-quality financial services with the diligence and reliability people expect from us. KMS TEAM amazed us by exceeding our expectations in every respect,« Prof. Dr. Hanns-Ferdinand Müller, member of the board FORIS AG.

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Two Red Dot Awards:

Communication Design 2015

08/10/2015 | Our interactive LICHTGESTALTEN installation won a Red Dot Communication Design Award in the »Online« category. Our corporate design for the architecture firm Detail Design also impressed the judges in the same category.

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Corporate Website

Stemme’s new corporate website shows how to outwit the forces of gravity. Easy to use, the seemingly “weightless” website features bold, attention-getting images and a simple navigation structure that allows visitors to soar in the world of Stemme. An interactive world map helps people locate the nearest retailers and service partners quickly and accurately.

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Turning ideas into value –

the updated brand identity for NürnbergMesse

07/23/2015 | We developed a new communication concept for NürnbergMesse, one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world. The project also involved revising the overall identity of the brand.

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Cannes Lions 2015


06/25/2015 | The Cannes Lions judges placed our LICHTGESTALTEN installation on the short list in the »Design Lions» category from a total of 2,409 entries.

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The new website for NürnbergMesse, one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world, enhances the company’s international profile. It is designed to draw new event organizers and employees by making presenting NürnbergMesse as a more attractive partner.

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Two ADC nails for Ruperto Carola


05/22/2015 | With 378 judges and 3,000 submitted works in 27 categories – the Art Directors Club (ADC) panel of judges made their decisions, awarding the Ruperto Carola research magazines »War & Peace« and »Outside & Inside« published by the University of Heidelberg with an ADC silver nail in the »Corporate Publishing« category. Our »LICHTGESTALTEN« installation was honored with a bronze nail in the »Mixed Media Design« category and also with two accolades.

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Corporate Design Preis:

Award-winning work

06/29/2015 | We received two awards in the 18th CDP Corporate Design Preis competition. Our LICHTGESTALTEN installation was recognized in the »Corporate Staging« and »Digital Corporate Design« categories.

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Bauwerk Capital gets a new look

05/21/2015 | Bauwerk Capital is the leading provider for premium, design-oriented residential properties in southern Germany, and targets a very demanding audience. The modern website we designed for Bauwerk Capital translates these high quality standards in a holistic way.

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Bauwerk Capital

Corporate website

The website relaunch for Bauwerk Capital, southern Germany’s leading provider of premium real estate, reflects the high quality and exclusive design of the residential projects offered on the site. It also appeals to potential buyers, renters and developers. Large images, smart functionalities and a responsive design make the website a benchmark in the real estate sector - on desktops, smartphones or tablets.

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Graphis Design Annual 2016:


05/13/2015 | The Graphis Design Annual is a collection of the year’s best work in international design, advertising, illustration and photography. Our »LICHTGESTALTEN« installation and our event video will be part of the renowned 2016 yearbook.

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Detail Design


Detail Design designs and creates interior designs for public and private spaces. As the primary touch point with the company, the new website is designed to convey Detail Design’s high standards – to translate each idea into its tangible form with expertise, creativity and a clear overview, allowing people to experience every detail.

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»ABOVE IT ALL«: New brand identity for Stemme sports aircraft

05/05/2015 | The new brand identity of Stemme AG, manufacturer of premium motor gliders, was introduced at the world premiere of the S12 Twin Voyager at the international AERO 2015 aviation trade show.

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For the past 30 years, Stemme motor gliders have been the best in the industry worldwide in terms of technology, quality craftsmanship and flying experience. The company's strong leadership is transported in its enhanced positioning and tagline, »ABOVE IT ALL«. The microsite launches the new corporate design and presents the motor glider S12 to the world for the first time.

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FWA Award:


05/04/2015 | The »Favourite Website Awards« (FWA) competition honored our »LICHTGESTALTEN« app as the »MOBILE OF THE DAY« (MOTD). Established in 2000, FWA is an award program recognized by the international creative scene designed to reward outstanding technology projects paired with inspiring ideas.

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Best of Corporate Publishing 2015:


03/26/2015 | Our »LICHTGESTALTEN« installation was nominated for the Best of Corporate Publishing (BCP), Europe’s largest corporate publishing and content marketing competition. We look forward to receiving at least Silver at the awards ceremony on June 18, 2015.

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Graphis Poster Annual 2016: Gold


03/17/2015 | Graphis, »The International Journal of Visual Communication«, awarded our LICHTGESTALTEN-poster with Gold and chose it for the renowned Graphis Poster Yearbook 2016. The panel of judges for the New York-based publisher selected our poster series, which features the unique portraits taken during the LICHTGESTALTEN installation to mark our 30th anniversary.

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DDC Award

Eight at once

12/01/2014 | A shower of awards for KMS TEAM: The »Gute Gestaltung« competition organized by DDC honored our work with eight awards.

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Two silvers at

Annual Multimedia 2015

10/10/2014 | We won two silvers at this year’s Annual Multimedia: The website for Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences as well as the relaunch of our own corporate website made a winning impression on the independent panel of judges in the »Website/Portal« category.

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Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences


Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1991 and offers over 50 different courses of study for 6,500 students. After its comprehensive redesign, the website proved to be one of the most modern university websites in Germany today.

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Cannes Lions 2014

Short list: »The Making Of«

06/24/2014 | Our self-promotion video »The Making Of« earned us a spot on the short list in the »Design« category at this year’s Cannes Lions. This humorous 90-second video shows the elaborate process involved in developing the new website, which was relaunched in honor of our 30-year anniversary.

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2013 yearbook website

The 2013 yearbook website features interactive elements that effectively translate the print media for online use. Users can access main topics that explain the role of OSRAM’s innovative lighting solutions and products by clicking on the twelve animated points of light in the circle on the home page.

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Two iF design awards


01/21/2014 | Two KMS TEAM projects have won the renowned iF communication design award from a total of 1,102 submissions. The anniversary magazine for Villa Stuck Munich was recognized in the »Print Media« category. Our own corporate website relaunch, which we developed in house, was also honored in the »Digital Media« category.

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Pinakothek museums in Munich


The website for the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen illustrates the affiliation between the individual institutions while emphasizing their individual characters. The website is easy to use and provides in-depth information in an aesthetically sophisticated format.

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Bardehle Pagenberg

Online corporate design manual

Bardehle Pagenberg is one of Europe’s largest specialists in the field of intellectual property law. The newly developed corporate design emphasizes the firm’s standard of excellence as a leading global expert in this area and is accessible to all locations in the form of an online manual.

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Credit Suisse

iPad apps for 2011 Annual Reporting Suite

Credit Suisse combines the Financial Report, Corporate Responsibility Report and Company Profile into an overarching reporting tool – in both analogue and digital versions.

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Fair Value REIT

Corporate website

Fair Value REIT focuses on the acquisition and management of commercial real estate in Germany. The corporate website provides professional tools to support investors. The company’s striking visual identity was effectively adapted and expanded for use in the digital space.

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pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank

Corporate website

pbb was formed in 2009 with the merger of Hypo Real Estate. The website features elements of the classic German bond and is the bank’s main information medium for real estate and public sector financing.

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Online annual report and yearbook

ThyssenKrupp’s 2010/11 online annual report provides all of the content of the print version in a detailed, user-oriented way. The accompanying yearbook has intuitive navigation features and is optimized for use on tablets.

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Two DDC Awards for KMS TEAM

11/29/2013 | Two KMS TEAM projects were honored at the »Gute Gestaltung 14« (»Good Design 14«) awards held by the German Designer Club (DDC). The relaunch of the United Internet company website project received a DD Award in bronze in the »Digital Media« category. The »Ruperto Carola research magazine« project won a DDC Award in the »Corporate Communication« category. The awards ceremony took place on November 29 at the Capitol Theater, located in Offenbach near Frankfurt am Main.

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United Internet

Corporate website

The corporate website of Europe’s leading internet specialist was structurally, thematically and visually redesigned, with a responsive design optimized for mobile devices. Various subject areas are clustered on the homepage to help people access key content in a few simple clicks.

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Wiedemann Werkstätten


Precision, quality and design shape the »Wiedemann Werkstätten« website. The exclusive kitchen manufacturer operates on the principle of creating unique solutions for each and every customer.

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Warendorf Küchen


Since 2010, the manufacturer of exclusive »Miele die Küche« kitchens has been operating under the »Warendorf« name. The new website communicates Warendorf’s high standards of quality and design, and positions the brand in the premium segment.

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Tai Ping Carpets


Tai Ping Carpets is a leading premium international manufacturer of carpets and rugs for hotels, showrooms and public buildings as well as discerning clients. Tai Ping’s collections reflect global trends in design, fashion and art. As an extension of the brand, the website connects the listed companies in over 10 countries as a single unit.

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»50 years Eames Lounge Chair« microsite

We designed a microsite for furniture manufacturer Vitra to mark the 50th anniversary of the famed Eames »Lounge Chair«. This site presented the design classic in an innovative way, highlighting its timeless design before a film series from 1956 to 2007. Quotes, construction details and the first TV presentation combine to honor the legendary chair.

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Corporate website

Isaria specializes in three-dimensional brand elements used at the point of sale. The corporate website was reimagined and redesigned as part of the company’s new visual identity. The menu categories are presented in a large cube, which is the main design element as well as the primary navigation element on the website.

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feno is a mediator between two worlds – lighting technology and the experiences it produces. The international company creates impressive and unique installations. In line with the tagline »before light and beyond«, the new website illustrates how a seemingly ordinary technology can create truly magical, artistic results.

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Corporate website

When we developed the »Lichtlauf« website for light and lighting designer Christoph Matthias, we focused on the main attraction: working with light. A beam of light follows each click in the main menu, with the shape and angle changing with each menu option.

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AMT (Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics) is a biotech company specialized in the research and development of genetic therapies. The website focuses on the central element of AMT’s work: The DNA double helix structure, which is the carrier of hereditary information about genetic disorders.

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