For the past 30 years, Stemme motor gliders have been the best in the industry worldwide in terms of technology, quality craftsmanship and flying experience. We transport the company's strong leadership in its streamlined positioning and new tagline, »ABOVE IT ALL«. Attributes like lightness, excellence, engineering skill, product aesthetics and strength provide the basis for the newly developed corporate design. We also collaborated with Stemme to define the brand imagery, develop a communication system and design communication materials, such as stationery, brochures, product flyers, inserts, posters, press kits and advertisements. A microsite and concept for the new Stemme S12 Twin Voyager product launch complete the bundle of activities involved in introducing the new brand identity.

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Annette Koch
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Brand development

»ABOVE IT ALL«: The new brand identity for Stemme, a manufacturer of premium motor gliders, stands for engineering skill, performance, freedom and individuality. It positions the venerable company as a premium brand.

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