We won three awards at ADC Deutschland: for the new ŠKODA corporate font in the »Design Craft / Type Design« category, for the MVV Energie energy loop in the »Logo Design / Key Visual« category, and for the »Woman & Man« issue of the University of Heidelberg research magazine in the »Corporate Publishing / B2C« category.

The judges at Graphis Typography4 Competitions awarded us Gold in the »Typeface Design« category for the typeface we designed for JINS. ŠKODA Next also received Gold in the »Type in Use« category.

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Corporate Design

ŠKODA has a wide and loyal customer base, whose purchasing decisions are guided by rational reasoning. The brand wants to change this and establish an emotional connection to its customers by strengthening the design at all of the brand’s touchpoints in equal measure. ŠKODA communicates relevant stories and content via digital channels that directly appeal to the target group. In addition to new models with a striking, crystalline design, the most important tool is a new visual identity that translates this message.

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MVV Energie

Brand Development, Corporate Design

Mannheim-based energy company MVV has been a pioneer in energy transformation for years. We translated this momentum into a new brand identity. The first step in the process was the question: How can we rethink energy and bring it to life?

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Universität Heidelberg

Research magazine »Woman & Man«

High heels or high performance. Whether we are born as a girl or boy, this central category plays a major role in defining our identity. But what makes us a man or a woman? Why are there two genders? Do women not have the will to power? Why do men die earlier than women?

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Brand development

JINS is a leading eyewear manufacturer with over 300 stores in Japan, China and the United States. We conducted an extensive relaunch to restructure and reposition the brand strategically, helping to promote the international expansion of this Japanese brand.

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