Ledvance – Well-known brands under one umbrella
The name Ledvance, a combination of the words LED and Advance, will soon represent OSRAM’s world-renowned lightbulb business. KMS TEAM is supporting the new company in its brand development and management efforts, providing visual and communication support for the planned launch in summer 2016.

Sto – Designing progress
Sto is the market leader in façade and insulation systems, and also supplies exclusive interior solutions for acoustics, wall coatings and paneling. Based in southern Baden, the company’s commitment to creating sustainable living spaces is clearly expressed in the tagline »Conscious building«. Sto hired KMS TEAM to strengthen and further develop its brand to effectively manage the company’s strong international growth and complex product portfolio. The assignment also includes subsidiary StoCretec GmbH. 

Mentz GmbH – Combining points to form a path
Mentz hired KMS TEAM as its agency for brand strategy, corporate design and corporate publishing. Based in Munich, the mid-sized family-owned business is a leading international developer of multimodal mobility systems. Dynamic information services support passengers before and while they use public transportation. The main theme of the new brand identity is the »Digital Pathfinder«.

Biallo – Financial guidance and assistance
Updated daily, biallo.de gives consumers helpful tips, tests, evaluations, background information and specific offers for financial, insurance and telecommunications products. KMS TEAM is developing a consistent strategic brand positioning based on a detailed market and brand analysis, and will further develop the Biallo brand identity. The focus of the brand is on the Biallo team’s strong expertise. The online portal will undergo a comprehensive relaunch, including updated content, design and technology.

Maebashi – Destination branding in Japan
Maebashi hired KMS TEAM to work on its strategic development and brand positioning in order to bundle this city’s strengths and opportunities as a destination. Located about 100 km north of Tokyo, the city is the administrative center of Gunma Prefecture. The new profile is designed to present Maebashi as a tourist destination as well as an attractive city to live, work and spend leisure time.

KMS TEAM founder and Managing Director Knut Maierhofer commented: »Our teams have impressed all of the new clients with their comprehensive expertise. Creativity and strategic thinking go hand in hand at KMS TEAM, and that pays off for every client.«





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