We won two Red Dots in the »Typography« category: for our »Pure Cycling« magazine, designed for Canyon in 2016, and the JINS typeface we developed, which allows an ideal combination of Latin and Japanese characters. We received our fourth Red Dot in the »Poster« category for our extremely popular KMS TEAM calendar, which we designed in house. 

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Annette Koch
T +49 (0)89 490 411-368

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Brand development

JINS is a leading eyewear manufacturer with over 300 stores in Japan, China and the United States. We conducted an extensive relaunch to restructure and reposition the brand strategically, helping to promote the international expansion of this Japanese brand.

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Canyon Bicycles

»We Ride History« – Canyon Crew Stories

»Every Canyon tells a story«: We designed the »We Ride History« storybook to mark Canyon’s 30th anniversary. The personal stories of company employees in this book tell Canyon’s history of success – the development from its early beginnings in a garage to becoming a leading international bike brand.

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Canyon Bicycles

»Pure Cycling« Magazine 2016

We are taking »Pure Cycling« literally: the Canyon magazine explores the experiences of Canyon cyclists and focuses on their passion for the sport. We ride with mountain bikers Fabio Schäfer and Jannik Hammes in the American state of Utah on the search for lines they have only ever seen in legendary bike videos.

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I Shot the Serif

01/28/2016 | Accompanying us through the year 2016 are 12 »misspoken sayings« - intelligent, ironic, tongue-in-cheek.

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