Agencies KMS TEAM and BLACKSPACE updated the Audi corporate design elements and drafted a series of rules for their use in all touch points. The focus was to develop and draft guidelines to clearly explain the new brand identity and its application across all media. The result: New design principles, including unlimited logo placement options, equally weighted brand colors, natural imagery and interesting typography. The agencies also created a new logo ending sequence for all video channels.

STRICHPUNKT was primarily responsible for the digital dimension of the brand and corporate design. The aim was to further develop the visual identity for all digital media – from apps to the smart watch, from displays to the dashboard. A brand-specific design and interaction principles for all digital applications and devices provide a basis for this evolution. The designers developed digital design elements starting with the smallest possible visual representation in line with the idea of atomic design.

The new corporate design, based on the principles of versatility, authenticity and balance, gives designers a great deal of freedom to be creative. Key elements shape the brand and its identity. At the same time, they encourage a vibrant dialogue across all touch points. Dynamic principles take the place of rigid rules, allowing greater flexibility and increased brand recognition.

Simon Betsch and Christoph Rohrer, KMS TEAM and BLACKSPACE: “Digitization and customer orientation pose challenges for many companies. Branding efforts need to generate visibility and impact across all touch points more quickly in order to guide change processes in these businesses.“

Note: All image materials show sample applications. 

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