The tagline »Turning ideas into value« defines the core of this work. It reflects the role of NürnbergMesse as an expert organizer of trade fairs and conventions with a strong international presence. At the same time, it emphasizes NürnbergMesse’s self-image as an inspiring, motivating partner.

This positioning is visible in the updated corporate design. The visual identity is dominated by the use of large white and light gray backgrounds, as well as images from trade fairs, which stand in strong contrast to graphic accents in red orange. A distinctive tilted »communication field« is added to each format, picking up on the angle of the compass needle featured in the logo as well as the red orange color for a dynamic and active look.

The headline system is anchored in the newly developed corporate language. It ensures a solid connection between the content and design as well as a consistent tone of voice throughout all media. Each »brand headline« is essentially another translation of the tagline in its underlying structure.

NürnbergMesse also presents its modernized identity to the public with the launch of its completely new website, which features an updated structure and technology. We are responsible for developing and designing this as well as the company’s latest annual report. 

Press contact

Annette Koch
T +49 (0)89 490 411-368

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Brand development

NürnbergMesse is one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world. The new brand identity positions the exhibition company as a competent and motivating event partner while strengthening its position over the long term in the face of national and international position.

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The new website for NürnbergMesse, one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world, enhances the company’s international profile. It is designed to draw new event organizers and employees by making presenting NürnbergMesse as a more attractive partner.

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