The brand is clear-cut, bold and visible to all - an appeal to reject uniformity, more than just pure performance positioning. Munich-based strategy and design agency KMS TEAM created a new visual identity for Audi Sport, and it's more focused, straightforward and stronger. 

For the first time, the Audi Sport sub-brand has its own CD based on the Audi corporate design - with clear, easy-to-implement design principles. The imagery is in line with the new theme »feel the powerful moment«. BLACKSPACE developed the Audi Sport logo ending. The new corporate design is accessible to the public on the Audi brand portal.




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Corporate Design

Our starting point for the new Audi corporate design was to take a truly holistic approach to creating design principles for analogue and digital applications. Our goal was to replace the complex system of CI rules with dynamic principles – allowing the brand to communicate quickly, flexibly and creatively with people across all touch points in the age of digital transformation.

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A new way of thinking, a new mode of working:

The new Audi corporate design

03/23/2017 | At our »Lead by Branding« event on March 9, 2017, we showed together with Audi, BLACKSPACE and Strichpunkt our new approach to corporate design in the age of digital transformation to around 250 guests.

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»Inside Space«

03/01/2016 | Over 150 guests joined us on a special journey: They experienced how brands fascinate us, and how we bring brands to life as a TEAM.

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