All of the speakers shared one key learning: Innovations can't get any traction unless they are promoted and exemplified by top management. The main questions are: »Who are we? Why should we still be in business in 5-10 years?« It's also important to constantly question one's own business model and anticipate customer needs in the future. There are enough examples in which these questions weren't answered – and these companies aren't around anymore.

Buy or build? Many companies ask the question: Should be set up a lab internally, or buy a startup for this purpose? One of the panel's important learnings: Cooperation between major companies and startups can be successful when the startup isn't forced into company's processes and structures that block innovations. 

Summary: Innovation culture needs to be a company value exemplified throughout the company – from the top to the smallest capillary. The company strategy, brand strategy and HR need to work together to bring about the organization, processes and staff necessary for innovation. More than ever, companies need talents who think in terms of change, not rigid structures. 


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10/10/2019 | Every idea is only as good as its implementation. A panel of national and international executives will discuss this topic with the following questions: What are the keys to successfully implementing service innovations? What factors are essential to success? What are the obstacles involved? And is there anything that accelerates this process? We're interested in the perspectives of founders, companies and agencies, both in theory and in practice. Carmen Hentschel moderates the discussion. After the talk, there is time to share experiences and swap ideas.

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KMS Workout.

100 statements on how we will work in the future.

01/08/2019 | What kind of a job is more rewarding to you than just the money you get paid for it? The creative freedom of a laid-back pony ranch or a high-speed highway? We want to develop new perspectives on the working world of the future at our event during Munich Creative Business Week on March 14, 2019 at 6.30 pm.

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»The Added Value of the Brand«

11/09/2020 | Today, successful business models depend more than ever on two factors: an increased awareness of using and conserving resources in conducting business, and the ever-present digital transformation. Those who know the right determining factors and take bold, proactive measures will be able to best align their organizations with their future goals.

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