On March 12, 2020 at 18.30h we will show at Haus der Kunst how we worked with new agile, networked working processes in the Powerhouse to develop, discuss, document and implement the new Volkswagen brand design in the record-setting time of nine months. The result is a sustainable system that can be employed dynamically and intuitively across all applications and channels. It is ideally suited for the new patterns of interaction in our digital society.

The Volkswagen rebranding is one of the industry's largest in the world today. A total of 171 markets around the globe will be transitioned to the new brand identity, including 10,000 dealers and service partners. 

All agencies and participants in the project work together in the Powerhouse, putting an end to the classic client-agency model. This allowed us to be faster, make more consistent decisions and get many bright minds together to create the new brand design for Volkswagen in no time.

The event takes place during the Munich Creative Business Week. Purchase your ticket today!


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