Porsche organizes a number of successful racing series along with a corresponding licensing program for teams and sponsors. This has resulted in a wide range of applications and brand relationships, which needed to be organized in a clearly understandable and applicable branding system. The developed logic takes into account the aims of the Porsche Motorsport brand as well as the requirements of teams and sponsors. This logic was also documented for widespread use in the guidelines for license and brand management.


  • ADC Deutschland 2016
    award for three colour concept for the three Porsche 919

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  • Portfolio strategy


Porsche Motorsport


Automotive, Sport


Brand portfolio and partnerships


since 2007

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Porsche Motorsport

Corporate design

Porsche has a motorsport division that organizes national and international competitions, but practically no one recognizes the brand in this role. The new corporate design combines a classic racing aesthetic with the charisma of the Porsche brand.

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Brand identity and portfolio strategy

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