With over 150,000 employees in 80 countries and over 200 years of history, ThyssenKrupp is one of the most influential industrial groups in the world. The new central theme revolves around the unique German »art of engineering«. The measures derived on this basis for the portfolio, structure and management allow the central brand management team to position the umbrella brand consistently around the globe. These tools provide regional brand managers with flexibility as well as specifications for use in local markets. The central theme, »the art of engineering«, is not only intended for public-facing communication but promotes, as connecting element, the migration of group companies and their employees under the single umbrella brand.


  • Graphis Annual Reports 2013
    Gold for annual report 2012
  • Best of Corporate Publishing Award 2012
    Silver for annual report 2010/11
  • Berliner Type Award 2012
    Nomination for annual report 2010/11
  • LACP Vision Award 2012
    Platinum for annual report 2010/11

Involved areas of expertise


  • Brand and corporate positioning
  • Portfolio strategy






Brand positioning and portfolio



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Annual report

The 2011 annual report issued by industrial giant ThyssenKrupp is the first piece of media to reflect the new company strategy. It illustrates the group's development from a steel corporation to a highly diversified provider of technical solutions. The "art of engineering" serves as the brand core and the inspiration for the key visual.



Online annual report and yearbook

ThyssenKrupp’s 2010/11 online annual report provides all of the content of the print version in a detailed, user-oriented way. The accompanying yearbook has intuitive navigation features and is optimized for use on tablets.

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