The academics at the University of Heidelberg focused on various sets of opposites, including »North&South«, »Stop&Go«, »Woman&Man« and »Appearance&Reality«. The 12thand latest issue is titled »City&Country«, exploring these two terms as geographical and intellectual spaces. We’ve been designing the magazine since its first issue was released in 2012.


  • Graphis Design Annual 2017
    research magazines »Healthy & Sick« and »Shadow & Light«
  • ADC Deutschland 2016
    Silver for research magazines »Healthy & Sick« and »Shadow & Light«
  • Best of Content Marketing 2016
    Silver at Special Award for «Cover of the Year« for research magazine »Healthy & Sick«
  • Best of Content Marketing 2016
    Silver for research magazines »Healthy & Sick« und »Shadow & Light«
  • iF design award 2016
    for research magazines »Outside & Inside« und »Healthy & Sick«
  • Best of Corporate Publishing 2015
    Silver for research magazine »Outside & Inside«
  • iF communication design award 2015
    For research magazines »Organization & Chaos« and »War & Peace« (magazines)
  • DDC Award 2014
    Gold for research magazine »War & Peace«
  • Berliner Type 2014
    Bronze for »Organization & Chaos«
  • Berliner Type 2014
    Bronze for »War & Peace«
  • ADC Deutschland 2014
    Bronze for research magazines
  • BCP Award 2014
    Award for research magazine
  • DDC Award 2013
    Award for research magazine
  • Berliner Type 2013
    Bronze for research magazine
  • iF communication design award 2013
    Award for corporate design
  • iF communication design award 2012
    Award for brand presence

Involved areas of expertise


  • Editorial design
  • Imagery
  • Production


University of Heidelberg


Culture & institutions


Research magazines


since 2012

Close details

Universität Heidelberg

Research Magazine »City & Country«

City or country? Which type of living do we prefer, and why? Where and how do we want to live in the future? The 12th edition of the research magazine of the University of Heidelberg explores the city and country as both geographic and conceptual spaces.

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Universität Heidelberg

Research magazine »Woman & Man«

High heels or high performance. Whether we are born as a girl or boy, this central category plays a major role in defining our identity. But what makes us a man or a woman? Why are there two genders? Do women not have the will to power? Why do men die earlier than women?

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Universität Heidelberg

Research magazine »Stop & Go«

The 9th issue of the University of Heidelberg’s research magazine is titled »Stop & Go«. These two states shape and determine our everyday experiences in a fundamental way. The alteration between standstill and movement is the dynamic of our life – whether in our environment, society or history.

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Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo.

University of Heidelberg

Corporate design

We developed the brand architecture for the departments at Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. The solution strengthened the visual connection between the departments under the umbrella of the university while maintaining the individuality of the institutions. The university seal is the primary element.

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»Healthy & Sick«: The new

University of Heidelberg research magazine

06/15/2015 | The University of Heidelberg’s half-yearly research magazine, »Ruperto Carola«, has become the university’s leading publication. Each issue investigates a pair of topics relevant to society today. Issue no. 6 examines the opposites »Healthy & Sick«.

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Two ADC nails for Ruperto Carola


05/22/2015 | With 378 judges and 3,000 submitted works in 27 categories – the Art Directors Club (ADC) panel of judges made their decisions, awarding the Ruperto Carola research magazines »War & Peace« and »Outside & Inside« published by the University of Heidelberg with an ADC silver nail in the »Corporate Publishing« category. Our »LICHTGESTALTEN« installation was honored with a bronze nail in the »Mixed Media Design« category and also with two accolades.

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»Outside & Inside«:

University of Heidelberg research magazine #5

12/12/2014 | The fifth edition of »Ruperto Carola« research magazine focuses on the topic »Outside & Inside«.

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»War & Peace«: University of Heidelberg research magazine #4

05/26/2014 | The fourth issue of University of Heidelberg’s »Ruperto Carola« research magazine that we designed focuses on – 100 years after the outbreak of the First World War – with the pair of antagonists, »War & Peace«.

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Second BCP Award for University of Heidelberg:

Silver for »Outside & Inside«

04/27/2015 | The »Best of Corporate Publishing« (BCP) has decided: The fifth issue of our research magazine »Outside & Inside« was nominated for the short list in the »Specials and Annuals – Non-profit Company Report« and given the Silver Award.

Close details 04/27/2015 Read more

DDC Award

Eight at once

12/01/2014 | A shower of awards for KMS TEAM: The »Gute Gestaltung« competition organized by DDC honored our work with eight awards.

Close details 12/01/2014 Read more

»Organization & Chaos«: University of Heidelberg research magazine

publishes issue #3

11/18/2013 | University of Heidelberg, Germany’s oldest university, recently published the third issue of its »Ruperto Carola« research magazine, which was designed by KMS TEAM. This edition focused on two powerful antagonists: »Organization & Chaos«. One of man’s most primal instincts is to structure the world and understand the patterns and mechanisms that provide the basis for all things.

Close details 11/18/2013 Read more

Research magazines for

University of Heidelberg

07/23/2013 | The latest issue of “Ruperto Carola”, the research magazine published by Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg, focuses on the topic of “Heaven & Hell”. The brand agency KMS TEAM is responsible for the design and also provided production support for the publication.

Close details 07/23/2013 Read more

Related projects


Museum guide

We designed the guide for the Audi museum mobile to document the creation process. Blueprints are linked to images showing the actual realization, and sketches shimmer through on the back of the Japanese-bound pages.


Axel Springer

Annual report

More than just a media group, Axel Springer is a significant part of German post-war history. The annual report, featuring historic photos from the group’s own Ullstein photo archive, clearly illustrates the company’s role in shaping German public opinion.



Corporate brochure

»Before light and beyond« is the tagline and approach that feno, planner and manufacturer of lighting control elements and artistic light installations, takes to its work. The corporate brochure thematically and visually showcases this idea.


Villa Stuck

Birthday campaign »Franz von Stuck turns 150«

2013 marked the 150th birthday of Franz von Stuck (1863 – 1928), Munich’s noble artist who gave Villa Stuck Museum its name. We designed an international birthday campaign to highlight von Stuck’s role as a pioneering artist of his time.


Villa Stuck

»Stuckvilla« magazine marks 20th anniversary

Villa Stuck, a nationally and internationally renowned institution for art from the 19th to 21st centuries, celebrated its 20th anniversary as a public museum in 2013. We designed a publication to give partners and friends an informational yet entertaining look at the museum’s history and future.