The Vonrosen logo marks the exclusive circle of Vonrosen fans, sophisticated fashion enthusiasts with higher standards of living. The oval signet is the graphic element found on all media – as a transparent cross-fading pattern on the website, elegant embossed foil on the stationery, and the laser-perforated surface on the top of product packaging that allows a view of the contents inside. Matte paper and high-quality leather are used in a muted spectrum of colors. All Vonrosen clothing features the signet along with the personally engraved initials of the wearer, signalizing the individual lifestyle of an exclusive circle. 


  • Corporate Design Award 2010
    Nomination for corporate design
  • The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010
    Nomination for corporate design
  • Graphis Design Annual 2010
    Platinum for corporate design
  • iF communication design award 2010
    Award for corporate design
  • red dot communication design award 2010
    red dot for corporate design
  • DDC Award 2009
    Award for corporate design
  • red dot communication design award 2009
    red dot for packaging design

Involved areas of expertise


  • Visual identity
  • Corporate design
  • Logo development
  • Packaging and product branding
  • Packaging design
  • Product labeling
  • Digital brand experience
  • Digital corporate design
  • Digital corporate identity
  • Information architecture
  • User experience design
  • User-centered design
  • Website and app concept
  • Web Design
  • Corporate and brand websites
  • E-commerce platform
  • Interaction design
  • Interaction behavior


Von Rosen


Luxury & lifestyle


Corporate design



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Related projects

Bardehle Pagenberg

Corporate design

Bardehle Pagenberg is one of the world’s leading firms in the fields of industrial and intellectual property law. The newly developed corporate design makes it Germany’s first law firm brand. The logo combines the brand and the term »Intellectual Property« into a single unit.

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Brückner Technology

Corporate design

Brückner Group is a world leader in the construction of plastics processing machines and facilities. Four individual brands representing different products and services are positioned under the Brückner Group umbrella, but still appear as independent entities.

Close details KMS BRANDING

Canyon Bicycles

Corporate design for the Canyon Factory Enduro team

In 2013, Canyon Bikes started its own Enduro racing team. The new team visual identity effectively positioned the Canyon brand within the Enduro scene: The 40° slant in the Canyon logo and the line create a grid that picks up on the sub-brand’s new colors.

Close details KMS BRANDING


Corporate design

We developed a corporate design for feno, a planner and manufacturer of lighting control elements and light installations. This visual identity reflects the company’s holistic approach to its work. For the logo, KMS TEAM developed a »light alphabet« based on a 16-point grid inspired by the circuit cards used in technical lighting products.

Close details KMS BRANDING


Brand development

Kormaran is an innovative up-and-coming high-tech company that builds exclusive watercrafts for yachts. The corporate design positions the company as a premium brand.

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Visual identity for Porsche Intelligent Performance

»Porsche Intelligent Performance« stands for the development of innovative vehicle concepts. The logo symbolizes the dynamic nature and speed of the vehicles while unifying two seeming opposites – namely efficiency and high performance.

Close details KMS BRANDING


Corporate Design

SITRAK is a joint truck brand from MAN and Sinotruk that is striving for a leading position in the high-growth markets of Asia and Africa. With its compact, metallic appearance, its new corporate design positions SITRAK as a robust brand and therefore as perfectly suited to the demands of emerging countries.

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