Success times three

at the 2014 Red Dot Award

08/18/2014 | Three of our projects hit the bull’s eye at this year’s Red Dot Communication Design Award: the Bentley corporate font, the »Porsche Intelligent Performance« label on the Porsche 919 Hybrid, and our own website relaunch convinced the panel of expert judges across the board.

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Canyon Markenetwicklung: Roadlite Canyon Markenetwicklung: Roadlite Canyon Markenetwicklung: Roadlite

Canyon Bicycles

Brand development

We developed the »Pure Cycling« tagline for Canyon Bicycles, a company that develops high-quality sport bicycles and sells them to customers exclusively through the internet and catalogues. This mindset has helped the company become a successful global brand.

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Platinum, Gold and Bronze at

LACP Vision Awards 2013

07/21/2014 | Three precious metals at this year’s LACP Vision Awards: The annual reports we designed for Tom Tailor, OSRAM and Deutsche Pfandbriefbank pbb were responsible for the veritable shower of awards.

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Three awards at

Berliner Type 2014

07/16/2014 | We received three awards at the 46th Berliner Type from the expert panel of judges made up of creative and communication professionals, marketing managers and production specialists.

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Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo.

University of Heidelberg

Corporate design

We developed the brand architecture for the departments at Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. The solution strengthened the visual connection between the departments under the umbrella of the university while maintaining the individuality of the institutions. The university seal is the primary element.

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Perfection in technology and design

07/08/2014 | World premiere: The KORMARAN was introduced to the public at Wolfgang Lake at the end of June. This exclusive watercraft represents a new hybrid of monohull, catamaran and trimaran designs.

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Astra celebrates its victory

over the monthly fee

06/11/2014 | We developed an advertising campaign for Astra, the leading provider of satellite TV, to promote this technology in the context of the 2014 World Cup.

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ADC bronze nail for

»Ruperto Carola«

05/16/2014 | Great news: The University of Heidelberg’s »Ruperto Carola« research magazine designed by KMS TEAM received a bronze nail in the »Corporate Publishing« category at the 2014 ADC Awards.

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The first glowing annual report

from OSRAM

03/18/2014 | The cover of the yearbook features a circle of actual LED lights that translates the lighting manufacturer’s tagline quite literally: »Light is OSRAM«. We were responsible for the concept, thematic development and design of the first annual report issued by OSRAM Licht AG.

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»Clear, strong and powerful«

03/10/2014 | Knut Maierhofer founded KMS TEAM in 1984. Today, 60 creative and strategic specialists in the Branding, Communication, Strategy and Interactive areas of expertise work at agency headquarters, located in a former machine shop in Munich. After a quick espresso, we sat down to talk about creativity and inspiration.

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Research magazines for

University of Heidelberg

07/23/2013 | The latest issue of “Ruperto Carola”, the research magazine published by Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg, focuses on the topic of “Heaven & Hell”. The brand agency KMS TEAM is responsible for the design and also provided production support for the publication.

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United Internet

Corporate website

The corporate website of Europe’s leading internet specialist was structurally, thematically and visually redesigned, with a responsive design optimized for mobile devices. Various subject areas are clustered on the homepage to help people access key content in a few simple clicks.


Schneider Schreibgeräte

Identity, mindset and strategic brand management

Since 2009, we have worked with the long-established German company Schneider, renowned manufacturer of writing tools, to develop strategic brand management processes that will continuously increase the value of the brand while tapping into new markets and customer groups.

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Porsche Design

Brand development

Porsche Design enjoys worldwide success as an independent lifestyle brand. The luxury brand for exclusive technical products draws its design inspiration from the legendary Porsche automobile. Like the car, Porsche Design stands for outstanding design, technical superiority and exclusivity.

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Warendorf Küchen

Brand development

»Miele die Küche« has manufactured kitchens since 1973, and has operated under the »Warendorf« name since 2010. The new brand design transports the high quality and design standards as well as the company’s »Made in Germany« heritage.

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