KMS TEAM is Munich Leukemia Laboratory’s new branding agency

04/25/2017 | We will work together on the company’s identity, corporate design and a new digital platform. The new visual identity will be introduced by the end of the year. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Torsten Haferlach, Managing Director of Munich Leukemia Laboratory: “We were very impressed by KMS TEAM’s outstanding strategic and conceptual understanding of the brand. We look forward to working with them.”

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Corporate Design

Our starting point for the new Audi corporate design was to take a truly holistic approach to creating design principles for analogue and digital applications. Our goal was to replace the complex system of CI rules with dynamic principles – allowing the brand to communicate quickly, flexibly and creatively with people across all touch points in the age of digital transformation.

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Typo Berlin 2017

»Wanderlust« by KMS TEAM

04/12/2017 | We’re giving two presentations at this year’s Typo Berlin with the theme »Wanderlust« at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW):

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Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo.

University of Heidelberg

Corporate design

We developed the brand architecture for the departments at Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. The solution strengthened the visual connection between the departments under the umbrella of the university while maintaining the individuality of the institutions. The university seal is the primary element.

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A new way of thinking, a new mode of working:

The new Audi corporate design

03/23/2017 | At our »Lead by Branding« event on March 9, 2017, we showed together with Audi, BLACKSPACE and Strichpunkt our new approach to corporate design in the age of digital transformation to around 250 guests.

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Canyon Markenetwicklung: Roadlite Canyon Markenetwicklung: Roadlite Canyon Markenetwicklung: Roadlite

Canyon Bicycles

Brand development

We developed the »Pure Cycling« attitude for Canyon Bicycles, a company that produces high-quality sport bicycles and sells them to customers exclusively through the internet and catalogues. This mindset has helped the company become a successful global brand.

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Interview mit Patrick Märki,

Managing Director und Creative Director KMS TEAM

03/15/2017 | In an interview the »Schule für Gestaltung Basel« gives a fascinating glimpse into the working life of a designer who left Basel for Munich 16 years ago – to join one of the industry’s biggest design agencies. His philosophy: «Design is a journey, not a series of fixed principles. Design is the visual expression of a mindset.».

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Brand development and hierarchy

»At FORIS, we strive every day to provide top-quality financial services with the diligence and reliability people expect from us. KMS TEAM amazed us by exceeding our expectations in every respect,« Theo Paeffgen, CEO FORIS AG.

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Among competing ideologies:

Diakonie is changing

03/01/2017 | How relevant are brand management and positioning to social associations? Diakonie President Ulrich Lilie explains: »If we want to maintain our influence in society, we need to change – in our visibility, as an employer, in the ways in which we work with each other, and in our interactions with the people who come to us with their many different issues. The main question is: How can we continue to be the public Diakonie? We need to use modern communication both internally and externally, as well as a strong brand identity.«

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Why the felt pen marked a revolution

10/25/2016 | German designer Knut Maierhofer founded branding agency KMS TEAM in Munich 32 years ago. Today, KMS TEAM is a leading international company focused in the areas of brand strategy, design and communication. Clients include Audi, Canyon, Porsche Motorsport and Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

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Brand development, naming, corporate design

Three become one: Software companies BLStream and SMT Software as well as app agency Kupferwerk have merged to become a new global service provider for the development of digital products. This is where we come into play: We develop the new brand core, »Turning ideas into digital reality«. This is the starting point for the new brand values, corporate design and naming.

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Corporate Website

Stemme’s new corporate website shows how to outwit the forces of gravity. Easy to use, the seemingly “weightless” website features bold, attention-getting images and a simple navigation structure that allows visitors to soar in the world of Stemme. An interactive world map helps people locate the nearest retailers and service partners quickly and accurately.


Schneider Schreibgeräte

Brand development

Schneider, a leading manufacturer of writing tools, used the significance of handwriting as the basis for a successful new positioning. This venerable company has effectively boosted its relevance on the market as a result.

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Porsche Motorsport

Vehicle design

The Porsche 919 Hybrid started at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race in the LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype 1) prototype category. The lettering »Porsche Intelligent Performance«, developed by KMS TEAM, placed the focus on Porsche’s brand core.

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Brand development

NürnbergMesse is one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world. The new brand identity positions the exhibition company as a competent and motivating event partner while strengthening its position over the long term in the face of national and international position.

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