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Images make brands. Brands make images.

11/20/2018 | »We live in a visual age«. We hear this often, but it’s only partly true. We’ve always taken in about 80 percent of all information about the world around us through our eyes. But digitization has dramatically strengthened the presence of images. Our brains prioritize images over written material because they recognize, process and store them 60,000 times faster – and because they directly appeal to our emotions. Pictures represent reality, symbols and atmosphere at the same time, which is why they are so important.

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Two new faces at KMS TEAM

09/10/2018 | Branding agency KMS TEAM relocated to an industrial loft in Munich’s Neuhausen neighborhood and continues to expand, attracting two new talents for leadership positions. Reinhard Schneider (42) is the new Head of Digital and Jawad Zein (54) joins the team as Marketing & Business Development Director.

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Hello Neuhausen

07/04/2018 | Strategic brand development and management require change – in some cases, as radical as a completely new positioning for a company. For us it’s important that such new developments leave traces that inspire companies and their clients, ensuring their long-term success. To fulfill this role even better in the future, we have moved to a new office at Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 Munich.

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A brilliant joint venture

07/03/2018 | The best of two worlds: The OSRAM Continental GmbH joint venture represents the merger of two technology companies – from the fields of lighting and electronics. Together, they aim to accelerate technological transformations in the automotive lighting market with smart lighting solutions.

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Why the felt pen marked a revolution

10/25/2016 | German designer Knut Maierhofer founded branding agency KMS TEAM in Munich 32 years ago. Today, KMS TEAM is a leading international company focused in the areas of brand strategy, design and communication. Clients include Audi, Canyon, Porsche Motorsport and Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

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