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Atruvia The banking industry is undergoing massive change. Clients expect relevant digital products and new, personalised solutions. It was clear to Fiducia & GAD IT AG, the sole IT service provider for the cooperative FinanzGruppe and responsible for managing almost 86 million client accounts, that transformation was essential for the future.

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As a result, one of Germany’s largest IT companies underwent a hugely successful realignment as well as an organisational and cultural transformation process over the past few years – a massive leap from IT service provider to digitalisation partner within the cooperative FinanzGruppe. The newly configured strategy, structure and culture also required a viable change in the visual identity to help customers, employees and talents alike experience and immediately understand this fundamental shift.

The new brand is the product of the trans­formation – but also pro­vides the frame­work for the future success of this trans­formation.
Video Simon Betsch on the new Atruvia brand and the main idea of connection.

The consistent adaptation of the business model to new market and customer needs as well as the organisation to a new model for collaboration follows a clear target vision and guiding principle: »We bring people and markets together. For each other.« The new »Atruvia« name brings together both ends of the brand’s DNA: the worlds of collective thinking on the one hand and pioneering financial technology on the other.

We worked with the Atruvia team to develop the new visual identity from the core of the brand: bringing technology leadership and people together. The idea of connection is an overarching brand principle that carries through all elements of the design system. Soft lines and angular details represent both sides of the brand: people and technology. We designed an overarching visual, thematic and communicative concept on the basis of this underlying idea.

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The new brand provides a valuable point of orientation in the change process – and is also designed to drive it further.

Maika-Alexander Stangenberg

Thank you to Maika and the Atruvia team! It’s amazing how you were able to implement such an extensive programme in a calm, sensible way. In the end, we were able to produce good results – and a credible, authentic brand emerged from the core team.

Simon Betsch

Atruvia is a first-class example of how the brand can strengthen corporate development processes, bringing strategy, culture and structure together in an overarching way. The company also positions itself as an attractive employer with a new name, design and brand identity. The Atruvia launch puts the finishing touch on the Fiducia & GAD merger, providing the basis for a successful future.

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Atruvia AG is a digitalisation partner in the cooperative FinanzGruppe. Based in Karlsruhe and Münster, the company has nearly 8,400 employees that generate annual turnover of around 1.77 billion euros. Atruvia’s clients include around 820 credit unions and cooperative banks throughout Germany, the companies within the cooperative FinanzGruppe, and several private banks and companies in other industries. Atruvia supports around 164,000 bank workstations and manages nearly 86 million client accounts.

Meet the team
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    Simon Betsch

    Managing Partner

  • Kms team jana schauhuber 04 4 3

    Jana Schauhuber

    Digital Account Director

  • Kms team laura fabian 4 3

    Laura Fabian

    Senior Project Manager

Services and results
  • Our strategy and design experts supported Atruvia in their comprehensive transformation from IT service provider to digitalisation partner.
  • Atruvia has found a meaningful new identity in its new brand name, corporate identity and corporate design.
  • We establish the brand as a tool for both management and identification – preparing the company for a changing future.