Rapid digital transformation, major societal changes due to migration, and a noticeable shortage in specialists – these are the issues affecting Diakonie as one of Germany’s largest social welfare organizations. With 1 million full-time and volunteer employees, it is one of Germany’s largest and most diverse employers. The 10 million people who benefit from Diakonie’s services in kindergartens, hospitals or one of its 10 support areas make the organization an essential player in our society.

Diakonie hired Munich-based branding agency KMS TEAM to serve as its adviser and partner in this process of rethinking and continued development. As an organization, Diakonie aims to gain more presence in society as a whole through its values and mindset, and embrace its evangelical identity with ideological diversity. Diakonie wants to focus specifically on people, with all of their needs and skills.

The first visible sign of this transformation is Diakonie’s new website, www.diakonie.de, which communicates with people in a clearer, more direct and modern way. It is based on the corporate design further developed by KMS TEAM, which will be visible in print media starting in spring 2017. The organization’s imagery was expanded to include illustrations by Francesco Ciccolella, which give the support areas a fresh, approachable look. The implementation of this new visual identity accompanies Diakonie’s overall transformation process. 

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