We are a bike company first, last and always

3/13/2024 Canyon does things differently. A great example is the new Canyon brand page, which shares the history, ingenuity and vision of the brand with a captivating self-confidence.

At the same time, the brand page is more than just another digital touch point: It gives the brand an opportunity to convey emotions while taking visitors on a tour through the past, present and future. Together with Canyon, we set up a small, agile team to work on the platform. The ability to make quick decisions helped us design and realise this project at top speed.

Visit Canyon Brand Page

From the outset, the brand page aimed to clearly focus on the brand, not serve asanother sales channel. It is a logical and effective addition to the Canyon customer journey.

The challenge involved translating Canyon’s vision, »Be the most inspiring and innovative cycling brand in the world«, into the digital space and encouraging visitors to become part of the Canyon community. We achieved this by creating a page design and content that reflects the brand’s values: »Performance«, »Innovation« and »People«.

The brand page is clearly structured, focused and scalable. It is built and designed for the purpose of telling intriguing stories. Like a web, each piece of content is connected to and flows into the next. This creates endless possibilities for the brand to present itself while coming into contact with and inspiring their community – both within the company and beyond.

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Canyon is a communi­ty brand. Our mis­sion, ›We ins­pire to ride‹, clearly ex­pres­ses this.

Simon Summerscales
VP Marketing Canyon

Canyon’s VP Marketing, Simon Summerscales, explains: »Canyon is a community brand. Our mission, ›We inspire to ride‹, clearly expresses this. Together with KMS TEAM, we were able to create a platform that effectively connects the community with the brand and with each other. Our very long, close partnership with KMS TEAM was very valuable in the process.«

KMS TEAM Design Director Denis Speh adds: »From the beginning, it was clear that we wanted to present Canyon in line with their product promise: with a strong sense of community, a streamlined design, and thrilling, in-depth articles that inspire and keep readers interested. We’ve created a broader visual and thematic space for storytelling. As a result, we can be smarter about how we use existing content and have a new, clever approach to producing new content.«