Founded nearly 350 years ago, Tong Ren Tang is the largest manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine. The company now aims to revolutionize the healthcare market with a new online platform. Patrick and Arne started by developing an approach with an international look and feel in Munich, which made a positive impression on the client. The two branding and design experts now worked with the design team in China to refine the approach.

Patrick on the most important learning from their experience: »China has a very strong drive towards the future, and is growing incredibly quickly in all areas. The result of this rapid expansion is a sense of unpredictability, which we had to respond to in the design. We had to be very agile to compensate for the lack of long-term planning.« Cultural differences in terms of design and aesthetics became quickly apparent when working with the Chinese colleagues. Both sides explained their individual perspectives and characteristics. Arne: »The brand plays a far greater role for us. It includes differentiation and ensuring that it is clearly recognizable. We align ourselves more with the company’s history to preserve a level of continuity.«

Both designers returned to Munich after an exciting week, while the team at Dongdao adapts the design for the Chinese market. »This intense week resulted in a great project and a very educational experience. We hope that we were able to inspire the team in China, sharing helpful design and work processes that they can also apply to future projects«, the designers concluded.

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