The cross-media application turns design into a spatial experience and brings digital innovation to analogue reproductions. A mere 60 seconds become a lasting impression.

First, a high-resolution portrait of the user dominates the installation. Each person then has a defined period of time to shape their image using intuitive gestures. Combining a personal portrait with colors, typography and style creates over eight billion possibilities and truly unique motifs. The created image is generated in PDF format, can be shared on Facebook, and is also printed as a DIN A0 poster.

Designing brands also means capturing characters and personalities, and finding the best way to express them – but this takes longer than just 60 seconds.


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Annette Koch
T +49 (0)89 490 411-368

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We developed an interactive installation to mark our 30th birthday. Using gestures, people can intuitively interact with each image to create a distinctive graphic expression. 


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