Language cards for Ukrainian children

7/19/2022 At the end of March, the United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, estimated that around 4.3 million children were forced to flee the war in Ukraine. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 310,199 children and young people under 18 have been registered in Germany since the beginning of the war (as of 2 June). This abstract number only becomes real in personal encounters.

Like many people in Germany, our colleagues have done their part to help. For example, Katrin hosted a Ukrainian family. She saw how difficult it was for the kinder­garten and school-aged children to deal with the language barrier in their everyday lives. Together with an elementary school teacher, she came up with the idea of creating language cards with pictograms and phonetic spellings to help Ukrainian children learn the simple sentences they need every day.

Our designers put them­selves in the children’s shoes, designing illustrations for questions and answers like »What class do we have now?« and »I don’t understand.«. The German, Ukrainian and Russian sentences are arranged around the illus­tration like sun rays, including phonetic spellings.

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The cards are available to schools, kinder­gartens and anyone who needs them. Download these license-free cards in black/white or blue/yellow at no cost.

We hope that these cards help as many Ukrainian children as possible.

Color cards

Black and white cards