Design brings identity to life

Excellent design allows a brand personality to shine. It lends it a presence, a uniqueness and distinguishing features. The design quality, uniqueness and clarity of a brand stems directly from the strategy. But design also provides valuable guidance far earlier in the brand development process. It plays an important role in crafting the mission because it makes the hypothetical visible.

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Good design translates strategy into a visual language that people can identify with.

Patrick Märki

How the brand makes a lasting impression

Pattern recognition is one human­kind’s abilities to intuitively recognise, understand and classify content. Effective branding uses this capability, securing the brand a lasting place in people’s con­scious­ness and estab­lishing a specific association that people can sponta­neously recall. People instantly decode the brand, making communi­cation faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Branding as a multifaceted and
strategic management tool

Effective branding offers reliable guidance for business decisions and makes organisations more func­tional and consistent. At the same time, it simplifies co-operation in global structures. Even if depart­ments and employees are working on different tasks, branding aligns them with a shared company goal. By clarifying the purpose and meaning of the brand for the greater good, we motivate employees and customers to campaign for it.

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Design systems mean faster, more consistent and more scalable creations

Design systems seamlessly translate brand values into design components and principles for the brand identity. Each module applies to all touchpoints and can be scaled as needed – from simple elements to the most complex combinations. By using design systems, companies boost the efficiency of their brand management efforts, their flexibility in meeting new challenges, their ability to scale in concept creation, design and implementation, and their consistency when it comes to brand and user experiences.

User experience
is brand experience.
Markus Sauer
Digital Design Director
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Design covers:
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Design system
  • Motion design
  • Logo design
  • Typography / corporate fonts
  • Imagery / illustration / iconography
  • Naming / tagline
  • Sound design
  • Touch point concepts
Meet the team
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    Robert Börsting

    Head of Design

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    Knut Maierhofer

    Managing Partner / Founder

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    Patrick Märki

    Managing Partner