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Bauwerk Capital We strengthened Bauwerk Capital's identity in the real estate market with an independent brand positioning. The corporate website with responsive design offers a high-quality user experience.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Websites / apps
Brand positioning and identity

We defined a unique brand positioning for the Munich-based provider of exclusive, sustainable residential real estate in a market devoid of transparency. We worked with the client to develop a profile of the company’s strengths. This was the basis for a brand concept developed for both real estate developers as well as buyers.

Bauwerk Capital’s outstanding service quality and performance are established as differentiating criteria in the brand, and the company’s own high standards for architectural quality serve as a characteristic element. The resulting market positioning provides clarity. It serves as a basis for successful communication and the ability to align the brand specifically to both target audiences.

Large images and smart function­alities ensure a unique User Experience.

Markus Sauer
Digital Design Director KMS TEAM

Corporate Website

Bauwerk Capital’s website also reflects the high quality and exclusive design of the residential projects offered on the site. It also appeals to potential buyers, renters and developers. Large images and smart functionalities ensure a unique User Experience in the area of real estate websites.

Interaction and User Experience

The company website, which won multiple awards in 2011, was developed further in early 2015. The new site focuses on the properties and brings them to live in a comprehensive way: Users can select specific projects on the homepage or an interactive map that shows the outstanding location of each residence. Intuitive search and filter tools make it possible to quickly access each property of interest.

Each residential property is presented on its own detailed page, which provides a clear overview of the most important information. Realistic renderings, photos and videos take the user on a virtual tour of the property and its surroundings. Services like the newsletter, wish list and contact form help make the website more user-friendly while verifying Bauwerk Capital’s performance in development and sales.

An extensive section on the company with newly produced images provides information about the sustainable, customer-oriented building and domestic culture at Bauwerk Capital. The service portfolio, team presentation, jobs and news round out the many website offerings.

Product Communication

Bauwerk Capital's communication is dominated by full-format renderings of buildings and rooms, the generous use of white space and clear graphic design. Slightly ironic headlines and brief informational texts free of clichés set this provider apart from the rest.

The factual property descriptions are contrasted with ironic headlines that highlight their luxury status.

Àxel Sanjosé
Copywriting Director KMS TEAM

Titled »Epochal living«, the Trogerstrasse 19 brochure presented exclusive apartments from Bauwerk Capital in Munich’s best location. We made the graphic design and copy for this brochure just as exclusive and used a specially blended metallic colour and textured paint to highlight elements of the building façade.

The factual property descriptions are contrasted with ironic headlines that highlight their luxury status – a tone of voice characteristic of all Bauwerk brochures and ads. Allusions to literature, history, culture and architecture appeal to the company’s affluent clientele.

About Bauwerk Capital

Bauwerk is one of the leading project developers, consultants and marketers of high-quality, design-oriented construction projects in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. The service portfolio of the two business segments Bauwerk Development and Bauwerk Capital covers project development, product management, marketing communication and sales. Bauwerk Capital has successfully placed almost 1,000 new-build flats with a sales volume of around one billion euros since 2010. With the Bauwerk Development division, founded in 2018, the company is strengthening its positioning as a project developer. Headquartered in Munich, the company has branches in Berlin and Frankfurt.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Positioning / identity
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  • Corporate design
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