In fall 2005, a reform united the various regional and industry-specific insurance organisations to create Deutsche Renten­versicherung. The wide popularity of the reformed pension insurance is the result of the seamless inter­con­nection of struc­tural and communi­cative measures. Today’s con­sistent and modern brand architecture replaces the confusing variety of earlier years.

  • Brand architecture & portfolio
  • Logo design
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Brand architecture and corporate design

The new visual identity conveys credibility and partner­ship – a strong union emerged from the very different designs of the individual insurance companies. This mini­malist corporate design is very well-received both internally and externally and is especially suitable for large print runs.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Since 1 October 2005, various public corporations under the name Deutsche Renten­ver­sicherung have taken on the work involved with statutory pension insurance in Germany. The federal sponsors are Deutsche Renten­ver­sicherung Bund and Deutsche Renten­versicherung Knapp­schaft-Bahn-See.

  • Brand architecture & portfolio
  • Corporate design
  • Logo design
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