An en­lighten­ingpartner­ship

feno Lighting specialist feno connects the technical aspects of producing and controlling light with its multiplicity of uses: from promoting well-being in the smart home to the warning lights you see behind the wheel of a car. Our collaboration with the feno team dates back to over a decade.

  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Naming / tagline
  • Film & animation
Corporate Design

We developed a corporate design for feno that reflects the company’s holistic approach to its work. It shows artists and architects the aesthetic dimension of feno’s work with the challenging, complex medium of light.

The brand online

feno aims to strengthen its position in the automotive market. Thanks to many years of collaboration with James Turrell, Angela Bullock and many other internationally renowned lighting artists, feno has an in-depth understanding of light. The Munich-based LED pioneer is using this experience to set new standards in automotive interior lighting.

Our job was to translate this lighting expertise into digital media and elevate the brand’s presence online. Solutions and services are now clearly located in the main navigation under Focus and Spectrum. This highlights the entire range of feno’s competencies – from automotive interior lighting to marine lighting and architainment.

The premium manufacturer develops customised solutions, producing every LED module, control panel and fibre optics themselves at their headquarters in Munich-Oberhaching – from the prototypes to series production of millions of units.

Logo, tagline and naming

The logo is a »light alphabet« based on a 16-point grid inspired by the circuit cards used in technical lighting products. The superimposed letters in the key visual play with light and partial shade, simulating aspects of a light installation.

The new name »feno« is derived from the ancient Greek word »pheno«, which means »bring to light, make visible, allow to appear«. The tagline »before light and beyond« refers to feno’s holistic approach to its technical work – starting with planning, before the first sign of light, and continuing through the aesthetic presentation beyond the actual perception of light.

About feno

Founded in 1998, Munich-based feno is considered one of the world’s leading LED specialists. feno shows its multifaceted expertise in projects for all types of industries – from automotive to shipbuilding, from medical technology to trade show and retail construction. The company also offers comprehensive solutions for hotels, museums and high-end homes. In 2022, feno received the Top100 Award as one of Germany’s most innovative companies.

  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Motion design
  • Logo design
  • Typography / corporate fonts
  • Imagery / illustration / iconography
  • Naming / tagline
  • Websites / apps
  • Brand & corporate communication
  • Brand communication & campaign
  • Film & animation