Munich’sPinakothek Museums

Munich’s Pinakothek Museums combine to form one of the world’s most signifi­cant museum complexes. We provided strategic and design support for the five insti­tutions as they evolved to become a strong col­lec­tive. We also named the district, one of Europe's most important cultural destinations in the heart of Munich: Kunstareal.

  • Change management & culture
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Logo design
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Corporate design

The three logos trace the develop­ment of Western art – from a simple rectangle as a symbol of early painting to the frag­mented frame of the Post­modern era. The neutral colours and type in the logo are compatible with all styles of art, allowing the image motifs to shine. The self-confident, power­ful cor­porate design shapes the look of all brochures, orientation systems and exhibition communi­cation.

Developing the website

The website for Bayerische Staats­gemälde­samm­lun­gen illus­trates the affiliation between the indi­vidual insti­tutions while empha­sizing their indi­vidual char­ac­ters. The website is easy to use and provides in-depth infor­mation in an aestheti­cally sophis­ticated format.

The five individual museum web­sites (Alte Pina­kothek, Neue Pina­kothek, Samm­lung Moderne Kunst at the Pina­kothek der Moderne, Museum Brand­horst and Samm­lung Schack) are accessible from the Pina­kothek museums start page. In addition to pro­viding conven­tional visitor infor­mation, the web­sites offer extensive material on the master­pieces and artists, tours of the exhi­bition facili­ties and inter­esting facts about each collection.

User experience

The new website was designed to meet the various interests of different users. It serves as an infor­mation centre and platform for presenting these artworks in detail. At the same time, it is a practical tool to help people plan their next museum visit. The core of the website is the main event calendar, which features filters to give users easy access to the many events and activities organised by Bayerische Staats­gemälde­samm­lungen.

Pinakothek Museums in Munich

Bayerische Staats­gemälde­samm­lungen oversee a con­sider­able part of the Free State of Bavaria's art and painting col­lec­tion, as well as those of the corre­sponding Munich-based museums: Alte Pina­kothek, Neue Pina­kothek, Samm­lung Moderne Kunst at the Pina­kothek der Moderne, Samm­lung Schack and another 12 state-run galleries across Bavaria.

  • Brand architecture & portfolio
  • Change management & culture
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Logo design
  • Naming / tagline
  • Websites / apps
  • Brand & corporate communication