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Villa Stuck

Built as a »total artwork« at the end of the 19th century, Franz von Stuck’s villa in Munich now houses a museum designed to combine Art Nouveau with contemporary art. The program concept and communication pick up on this constellation and translate von Stuck’s progressive spirit into the modern day.

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  • Logo design
Developing the brand identity

Elements from the building architecture and the artist’s signature were integrated into the new visual identity, reflecting the style of Franz von Stuck’s work. At the same time, the museum has a contemporary aesthetic and voice: A clear, selective communication concept ensures the greatest possible presence in the public eye.

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Key visual and logo

2013 marked the 150th birthday of Franz von Stuck (1863 – 1928), Munich’s noble artist who gave Villa Stuck Museum its name. We designed an international birthday campaign to highlight von Stuck’s role as a pioneering artist of his time.

The main design element of the birthday campaign was a well-known self-portrait of Franz von Stuck interpreted in the style of the artist’s villa. The key visual developed for the campaign is based on the museum logo: A striking square found in the floor tiles of the villa’s historic rooms.

»Stuckvilla« magazine marks 20th anniversary

Villa Stuck celebrated its 20th anniversary as a public museum in 2013. We designed a publication to give partners and friends an informational yet entertaining look at the museum’s history and future.

The magazine design is playfully based on the design of Villa Stuck itself. All of the graphic elements featured consistently throughout the magazine are taken from the geometric details of the villa. The accents are reminiscent of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, but still have a very contemporary, fresh look.

The magazine design is playfully based on the design of Villa Stuck itself.

Robert Meinolf Börsting
Head of Design KMS TEAM

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About Villa Stuck

The neoclassical Villa Stuck was built on Munich's Prinzregentenstrasse in 1897/98. It is the former residence and atelier of painter Franz von Stuck. He created the draft design himself and added an atelier to the ensemble in 1914/15. In the ensemble that houses Museum Villa Stuck today, visitors can see the historic atelier and living spaces of artist Franz von Stuck along with his paintings and sculptures.

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