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A clear identity always wins

Porsche Motorsport Porsche race cars always attract attention at major races like Le Mans – even before the start. Instead of relying on standard racing designs, their look conveys the culture of motorsport and people’s fascination with the Porsche brand in a completely unique way. The design approach we developed with Porsche underscores the brand’s credibility and role in motorsport, amplifying and strengthening it with an inspiring and clever design.

  • Touch point concepts
  • Brand & corporate communication
  • Brand activation
Racing is Porsche’s foundation myth and heart. We wanted to start here with the design, but also rethink the viewing habits of motorsport culture to express the brand’s innovative and progressive nature.

Patrick Märki

Every design tells
the story of the car

Every chassis design, or livery, is iconic. The unique look of each vehicle is inspired by the culture of racing, the event, team or even the pilot’s personality – incorporating these visual or thematic facets into Porsche’s design and development approach.

Charisma for the brand’s
most important touch point

The Porsche race car design gives all of the vehicles a characteristic look and theme. It emphasises the family relationship while providing obvious distinctions between the vehicle categories of works racing, customer racing, club sport and special vehicles. Our design principle for Porsche Motorsport enhances people’s fascination with the cars as the most important touch point with the brand. At the same time, it positions Porsche Motorsport as a coveted partner for racing teams and sponsors.

Porsche 992 RSR 2019
Porsche 99X Electric
Porsche 99X Electric Gen2

Porsche is writing a new chapter in racing history with its 99X Electric. This vehicle marks the brand’s entrance into the innovative Formula E as well as the expansion of Porsche’s product line into all-electric vehicles. The design features overlapping emblem-like sections in Porsche’s characteristic red, black and white colours.

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A symbol of triumph

The Porsche 911 RSR from 2017 is considered one of the most successful vehicles in the history of Porsche Motorsport. Its livery consists of the combination of emblem silhouettes in the three defined brand colours. Vehicles in this category are reserved for Porsche Motorsport’s own racing team. This design is the one most closely associated with the Porsche Motorsport brand.

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Le Mans winner and
cultural event

The Porsche 919 Hybrid »PIP« celebrated its world premiere at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show. The design shows off the car’s role as brand ambassador: »Porsche Intelligent Performance«, the brand core of Porsche Motorsport at that time. The vehicle won Le Mans three years in a row, from 2015 to 2017. The 919 tribute in 2018 was a monument to this success. Its livery shows the names of everyone involved in making this major success possible.

Its successes as well as its livery made the Porsche 919 tribute a cultural ambassador both internally and externally.

Bruno Marek

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Porsche Safety Car

Special vehicles from Porsche Motorsport like the Taycan Turbo safety car, first used in Le Mans in 2020, echo the same design as Porsche race cars in a far freer interpretation.

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Reflection of the brand,
vehicle and driver

We created a design for actor and hobby race car driver Michael Fassbender with colours and structural accents that reflect his Irish heritage and his characteristic tweed cap. The design blends the driver and vehicle into one iconic overall image. We also designed the 911 RSR for Patrick Dempsey and his »Dempsey Proton Racing« team.

The white giant

The Porsche 911 RSR from 2019 was the most uncompromising GT endurance vehicle that Porsche has ever constructed. The race car was used to defend the title in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), for example. In line with our design concept, the primary brand elements dominate in this category – namely the characteristic white colour synonymous with Porsche.

Intoxicating momentum
of racing

When ambitious private drivers start a sprint or long-distance race, it’s usually with a customer race car like the 718 GT4 Clubsport. The right proportions of brand elements and custom design features create an emotional impact that inspire motorsport customers and audiences around the world.

Since 2014, we have designed race cars in various categories for Porsche Motorsport. Our designs include adaptation of iconic racing liveries like »Sau«, »Rothmanns«, »Martini«, »Coca-Cola« and more.

Crest liveries

  • 2016 911 RSR
  • 2016 919 Hybrid
  • 2017/2018 919 Hybrid-evo+tribute (with team names)
  • 2017 911 Turbo S, Safety Car
  • 2018 911 GT3 R, green
  • 2018 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • 2018 911 GT2RS
  • 2019 911 RSR (Crest + Red line)
  • 2019 911 RSR Gold – Le Mans 2019
  • 2019 99X Electric, FE Gen2 (Crest v2)
  • 2019 911 GT3 Cup Junior Programme 2019
  • 2019 Taycan Safety Car

Thematic liveries

  • 2013 911 RSR 24h Le Mans, 50 years 911
  • 2014 911 GT3 Cup Sport Driving School Designs
  • 2015 911 RSR Dempsey Proton Racing and Abu Dhabi Racing
  • 2015 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • 2018 Taycan Camouflage Design
  • 2019 SecondSkin Designs
  • 2020 99X Electric, STAR WARS
  • 2020 99X Electric, #StayHungry
  • 2020 911 RSR Fassbender
  • 2020 911 GT3 Cup Camouflage Design
  • 2020 992 GT3 Cup Promotional Livery
  • 2020 911 RSR IWSC Farewell Livery
  • 2021 LMDh Prototype 2023 Camouflage Design
  • 2021 Taycan Turbo S Safety Car Formula E Season 2021/22

Historic adaptations

  • 2018 911 RSR Rothmans – Le Mans 2018
  • 2018 911 RSR SAU – Le Mans 2018
  • 2018 911 RSR GT1 IBM
  • 2019 911 RSR BRUMOS – Petit Le Mans
  • 2019 911 RSR Coca-Cola

PIP liveries

  • 2014 – 2016 919 LMP1
  • 2014 – 2016 911 RSR


  • PIP LMP1
  • Crest RSR
  • Crest LMP1
  • Red Line RSR 2019
  • Arrows FE

Porsche AG is a German vehicle manufacturer based in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The company emerged from an engineering office founded by Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart in 1931. After 1945, it transitioned into an automobile factory that primarily produced sports cars. Today, Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche AG is considered the world’s most successful sports car manufacturer. Porsche’s brand values are exclusivity and societal acceptance, innovation and tradition, performance and road capability, as well as design and functionality.

Meet the team
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    Patrick Märki

    Managing Partner

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    Bruno Marek

    Design Expert

  • Kms team knut maierhofer 01 4 3

    Knut Maierhofer

    Managing Partner / Founder

Services and results

  • Since 2014, we have shaped the look of all Porsche Motorsport vehicle categories at prominent racing events.
  • The brand elements are used in a consistent, yet wide variety of ways to transform the »race car« brand touch point into an ever-changing communication platform.
  • The visual identity showcases the brand as a captivating protagonist and influential player in shaping the idea of motorsport for a global audience of millions.
  • In addition to strengthening the brand awareness as well as Porsche Motorsport’s profile, the livery design of Porsche sports cars also supports the brand’s success in the area of customer sports.