SGL Carbon

SGL Group – the Carbon Company underwent a major transformation to become SGL Carbon. We optimised the brand story and values for use in communication, developed a new visual identity and supported the implementation of the brand across all touch points.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Editorial & magazine
  • Brand portals & documentation
Brand development
and corporate design

Our idea for the new brand design is the contrast between power and clarity: We translated the technical, industrial and massive feel of the world of graphite and carbon fibre into a design with a light, airy look. This reflects the company’s ingenuity and commitment to the future as well as the durable, yet lightweight aspects of the materials they produce.

Solutions based on composite materials and specialty graphite play an important role in many industries, especially ones working on today’s main issues: mobility, energy and digitisation. SGL Carbon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon-based materials, products and solutions, with extensive knowledge of the material and expertise in its applications.

Corporate website

Smart. Customer-specific. Forward-looking. The new website is the main digital touch point and starting point for the next steps on SGL Carbon's digital roadmap. The new brand orientation defined our guiding principles: SGL is positioning itself as a comprehensive solution provider with a strong focus on the users of its products.

Our corporate website relaunch was very complicated. KMS TEAM was confident, goal-oriented and, most importantly, excellent in their support – in all technical, thematic, structure and conceptual aspects.

Andreas Pütz

Efficient navigation

We organised the diverse product portfolio using a »top down« approach along the value chain - from markets and applications to specific products. A new product database provides the basis for this new structure. Quick access, filter and full-text search features help people find what they're looking for in just a few clicks. At the same time, we trimmed the website performance to make it measurable - making its contribution to the company's goals and ROI fully transparent.

From digital design system
to brand portal

The elements of the corporate website are documented in their own Pattern Library. The digital design elements are »live« – available as code snippets to be used in creating, designing and programming other digital touch points.

The brand platform we created for SGL Carbon has grown beyond the boundaries of digital applications to include fully digital as well as »classic« guidelines, e.g. for business materials, publications, imagery, motion design, employer branding and PowerPoint templates, to name a few.

Our new digital home is truly ›on brand‹ in every sense of the word. The first responses we received were very positive, allowing us to effectively build on this as well as our excellent launch.

Andreas Pütz

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Staging the brand at the shareholders’ meeting

SGL Carbon revealed its new brand identity to the public at the shareholders’ meeting in Kurhaus Wiesbaden. The strategic shift from material producer to solution provider ensures the company’s future success. We created a series of 3D brand applications for the shareholders’ meeting, designing all graphics from the stage to the banner. A video on the brand conveyed the new positioning.

Development of the »Thinc« brand magazine

The new SGL magazine »Thinc« is published twice each year in place of the corporate image section of the annual report.

SGL Carbon

SGL Carbon is a world-leading technology-based company responsible for developing and manufacturing carbon-based solutions. Their high-quality special graphite and composite materials and products are used in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, LED, solar and wind power industries, as well as in the production of lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and other energy storage systems. SGL Carbon also develops solutions for chemical and industrial applications. The company has around 5,100 employees at 31 locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
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  • Purpose & corporate vision
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
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