Since 2009, we have worked with the long-established German company Schneider, renowned manufacturer of writing tools, to develop strategic brand management processes that will continuously increase the value of the brand while tapping into new markets and customer groups.

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  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Touch point concepts
Market and opinion study

Schneider has always wanted to stay relevant. This is why we conducted an extensive market and public opinion study to identify the market potential for everyday writing tools and evaluated the results in line with Schneider’s strategic positioning. We used them as the basis for developing an inspiring, credible brand idea and mindset, which is now established as the driving force in management.

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People often use the word ›holistic‹ – it’s usually a vague, theore­tical word. But it’s different when we talk about Schneider: Strategy, design and language have become so logically and effectively inter­twined over the years that a strong brand has emerged with a tiny media budget. They even managed to double their sales in a decade.

Àxel Sanjosé

Product positioning
and communication

The product positioning and communication manifests itself in clearly defined profiles within the overall product range. The results are visible in the increased sales and more effective holistic brand management. The significance of handwriting is the core of the brand development, and its main principles are high product quality, sustainability and a close relationship with its customers. All of this forms the new brand identity and is reflected in the new corporate design.

Corporate design

All of the design elements were inspired by the world of writing. The logo consists of several different »S«-shaped lines, which refer to the individuality of writing. The spherical shape refers to the essential element of the ballpoint pen. The brand colour dark blue is derived from the classic pen colour and creates a distinctive, striking look when combined with the accent colour cyan.

Tagline development

Writing tools represent possibilities of recording and communicating ideas and messages. The catchy tagline »Schreib’s auf« (»Write it«) tells people to do just that, reflecting the simplicity of these products and their value in everyday life. It is integrated in the logo and wordmark, strengthening the reference to the guiding principle.

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Packaging and point of sale

The packaging was redesigned and adapted for the international market as part of the new brand identity. Schneider products stand out clearly from those of the competition, especially at the point of sale, with names such as »der Kugelsurfer« (»The page surfer«), »der Notizmeister« (»The note master«) and »der Wortbeschleuniger« (»The word accelerator«). The success of the Schneider brand world is shown in the fourfold increase in retail demand, as well as considerably higher brand awareness.

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We worked closely with Schneider over many years, actively supporting the brand as consultants and designers. We always take a holistic approach to our work to ensure that companies meet their goals.

Knut Maierhofer

Schneider Schreibgeräte

Founded in 1938 and based in Schramberg-Tennenbronn, the family-owned Schneider company originally manufactured screws and turned parts and started making ballpoint pen refills after the war. Since 1957, the company has also produced pens, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, all kinds of markers, leads and ink cartridges. Schneider manufactures its products at three sites (exclusively) in Germany and pays special attention to protecting the environment. Schneider is the only company in the industry certified in line with the Environmental Management System in accordance with the EC Ecological Audit Regulation EMAS, which was completed in 1998.

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