Best Workspaces 2022

3/18/2022 Our office received the Best Workspaces 2022 award and was ranked among the TOP 50 of all submissions by the panel of judges. Best Workspaces by Callwey Verlag is the first international architecture prize for smart working environments.

We collaborated with the team from lynx architecture to revitalise a former pharmaceutical depot, transforming it into a space that promotes open communication and creativity. »Our architecture reflects our understanding of design: clear, bold and full of contrast. We have worked with lynx for many years now. Our office successfully translates our mindset into a winning architectural concept,« explains Knut Maierhofer, founder and Managing Partner KMS TEAM.

The exposed concrete structure was reconditioned and serves as the central internal structure. Our philosophy resonates through the materials, colours and lines of the space: We take a step back to focus fully on our clients.

A dark, soundproof tunnel absorbs all the noise, providing a buffer between the outside world and the world inside the agency. This invites people to reflect before emerging into the light-filled entrance area. This leads to the conference rooms, back office area and the boulevard to the large hall.

The architects paid careful attention to acoustics and light throughout the entire space to create the ideal conditions for creativity and work. A black glass cube at the back of the open office space separates this from the small hall, used for events and casual meetings.

We worked as a team on every phase of this project.

Dirk Härle

»We worked as a team on every phase of this project – from the draft design to the construction and opening. We all worked towards one unified goal. In addition to finishing the space in the shortest amount of time possible, we also had a lot of fun,« describs Dirk Härle, Project Manager lynx architecture.

The Best Workspaces Award was launched in 2020. 2022 marks the start of a yearbook presenting winners and award recipients. The panel of judges recognised 50 office projects for their design and innovative concepts in the categories of Working Environments and Office Constructions. The panel issued a first-place award, recognised five submissions for excellence and gave out 44 prizes.