KMS TEAM is a strategy and design agency with out­standing expertise in the areas of strategic company position­ing, corporate identity, design systems and brand management.


As a strategy consultant, we support national and inter­national companies in their pursuit of achieving ambitious goals for growth. We work together to find the answers to key issues involving organi­sation, manage­ment, positioning and identity.

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Our Design team aligns companies with relevant needs for the future, developing consistent, comprehensive design systems and supporting their transformation every step of the way – from the initial draft designs to their complete implementation.

How we do design


We develop communication for all touch points, initiating value-adding interactions between people and the brand that foster loyal relationships and deliver unique brand experiences.

How we create experience


Our specialised brand manage­ment teams dedicate their extensive know-how towards supporting companies, merging strategy and implemen­tation to foster change in a systematic and effective way.

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Our experience shows that effective, long-term solutions are successful when you fully master and unify all four disciplines.

Knut Maierhofer

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Strategy, design and customer experience should be aligned with the brand core and synchronised through effective brand manage­ment.

Nadine Nadler