And the winner is:

11/28/2023 We are thrilled about our victory at this year’s Corporate Design Preis: our redesign for the Res­taurierungs­zentrum Düsseldorf has earned us the Grand Prix.

Our new visual identity for Düsseldorf Conser­vation Centre demon­strates what can happen when you make a change of perspec­tive the main idea: »Seeing Differently«. We used the ideas of exami­nation, conser­vation and construc­tion as the foun­dation for the new brand identity. After all, RED sees things differently: They see the complete picture in in­dividual parts, the positive in the negative, what lies beneath the sur­face, and the future in our past. The result: A smart corporate design that focusses on the analytical and exploratory mission of the institute.

Con­gratu­lations to the team and everyone at the Res­taurierungs­zentrum Düsseldorf!

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