Citroën: The egg
did come first after all

10/13/2022 Citroën recently launched a completely new brand identity – spanning the logo, colours, even the tagline. Horizont Magazine asked design and branding experts what they thought. Jürgen Adolph, Director KMS TEAM Düssel­dorf, was part of this expert analysis and provided the following assessment:

»The chevrons are finally pointy and sharp. It’s a shame that there’s yet another oval shape to add to the dozens of auto­mobile logos that already exist. The chevrons were much more elegant on their own. Like on the rear of the old DS – those were divine.

Probably no one since Columbus’s times has attempted to use an upright oval for a logo. Okay, if André Citroën drew it that way back then, it could be referring to the glorious history of this venerable brand – but only in theory. Who other than so-called ›design experts‹ knows anything about the history of the logo and André’s role in creating it?

The overall feel is far less progres­sive and impactful than it was 103 years ago. The Citroën brand and the brilliantly inde­pendent essence of the logo deserve better. I give it two stars.«

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