The 19th edition of Heidelberg University’s research magazine

7/15/2022 We designed the 19th issue of the Heidel­berg University research magazine, in which academics grapple with the dimen­sions of space and time. Albert Einstein fundamen­tally trans­formed our under­standing of space and time when he published his theory of relativity: »Time and space are modes by which we think, and not conditions in which we live.«

The academics at Heidelberg University conducted research in line with Einstein’s work to modify his theory based on the limits of modern knowledge. The articles in this issue of RUPERTO CAROLA explore the depths of space, in which material, space and time emerged with the big bang around 13.8 billion years ago – in complex biological pro­cesses, or the Old Testament. They explain how the method of analysing geodata developed at Heidel­berg helps us better under­stand topo­graphical changes in space and time or what our online meetings during the pandemic have in common with the pre-modern period in Europe.

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