Employer branding
for Genossen­schafts­verband

10/6/2021 To support Genossen­­schafts­­verband – Verband der Regionen e.V. in the »war for talents«, we developed a new employer brand identity – complete with tagline and campaign idea. For Generations Y&Z applies the motto: »Career: of course! Even better: career with meaning!«.

Therefore, our guiding principle is grounded in the cooperative principle of shared self-determination and the association’s approach to providing support: We made the ampersand (&) the key visual of the employer brand – a strong symbol of partnership and connection.

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»The newly designed career website perfectly captures our mindset and aspirations,« Roberta Stanziano, Senior Consultant Communication & Change at Genossen­schafts­verband, explained. The project was focused on digital channels and a new career website, which is now online.

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