Progressive banking with cooperative DNA

Fiducia & GAD IT AG become Atruvia

9/1/2021 One of Germany’s largest IT companies underwent a hugely successful strategic realignment last year, emerging strong from this extensive organisational and cultural transformation: IT service provider Fiducia & GAD has become the digitalisation partner to the cooperative FinanzGruppe: an agile consultant for all issues surrounding banking and IT.

Maika-Alexander Stangenberg, Servicefield Lead Communication and Marketing at Atruvia, explains: »Our new strategy, agile structure and shared culture needed a bold, meaningful symbol to successfully position us on the market. This is the right moment to make our transformation visible to our entire organisation and the general public. Working with Endmark, KMS TEAM and VIM Group, we have achieved our goal: We created a brand that effectively conveys our identity, energy and purpose.«

Atruvia’s digital solutions help banks craft the offers that their private and commercial clients need to make their goals and visions a reality.

Maika-Alexander Stangenberg

Naming agency Endmark was responsible for developing the Atruvia name. It effectively captures the essence of the brand core: The ‘via’ ending awakens associations with connections, while the syllable ‘tru’ sounds like truth and trust, inspiring ideas of integrity and confidence.

The new name is also accompanied by a new visual identity, developed by Munich-based strategy and design agency KMS TEAM. »Brands build trust,« stresses Simon Betsch, Managing Partner KMS TEAM. »They create the connection between a company’s strengths today and what customers will need and expect in future.« Atruvia emerged from this self-image: On the one hand, it is the product of transformation – but also provides the framework for this effort.

The new brand expresses Atruvia’s DNA, bringing together the worlds of collective thinking and pioneering financial technology. This is why the design experts located the idea of connection at the core of the brand. Patrick Carlet, Design Director KMS TEAM, describes the approach: »This overarching brand principle is found in every element of the design system and at every touch point.« Soft lines combine with more angular shapes to represent both sides of the brand: people and technology. This idea provided the basis for the overall visual, thematic and communication concept.

VIM Group has been supporting and facilitating the overarching brand transformation process, handling everything from project budgeting and planning to implementing changes at the actual touch points. As John Bache, Managing Partner VIM Group, explains: »Atruvia is an excellent example of how a brand can be used as a strategic tool for business, providing a central theme and context for the company’s ongoing development.« Atruvia’s launch is the final step in Fiducia & GAD merger. It provides the perfect foundation for the company to develop and grow in future.

The new collective “we” mindset is having a positive impact inside the organisation and beyond: Instead of seeing themselves as a conventional IT service provider, Atruvia is a strong partner paving the way for digitalisation: »IT is here to serve people – not the other way around,« Maika-Alexander Stangenberg emphasises.