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Discover sustainable restaurants & cafés near you

1/16/2024 The Future Cooperative is a young, impact-oriented co­operative from Munich. It aims to make a truly sustain­able life­style acces­sible, attractive, and afford­able for all.

The Future Cooperative is now launching its first product: Future Maps. The map app helps users find sustain­able restaurants and cafés in their vicinity quickly and reliably. All locations fulfil the in-house developed, holistic sustain­ability rating.

It's rare that you have the chance to give a promis­ing start-up brand values as a solid foun­dation.

Julia Puga
Senior Brand Strategy Consultant KMS TEAM

We have accom­panied the young community on its journey with great passion and fun. On the one hand, our Digital Team provided app develop­ment support on a pro bono basis. On the other hand, we devised a brand identity and brand idea together with the Future team in strategy work­shops – with the help of Lego Serious Play. These form the strategic basis for the design, communi­cation, and campaign around the Future Maps app.

»It's rare that you have the chance to give a promising start-up brand values as a solid foun­da­tion. Lego Serious Play was the perfect method to define a tangible brand character for the Future Co­operative. Regard­less of whether someone is already deeply immersed in the topic or not – this tool equally involved and inspired all partici­pants,« explains Julia Puga, Senior Brand Strategy Consultant KMS TEAM.

This common ground is crucial to our success as Future Maps continues to grow, and we want all future activities to contri­bute to it. That is why we have summa­rised the core themes of our co­operative in three brand values that get to the heart of the matter: »empowering, trust­worthy, daring«. These values will guide us in the ongoing develop­ment of Future Maps.

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The co­operative already has over 300 members working to­gether on the mission to bring Future Maps to life. Free beta access to the app is now available. We would love to have you test the app and give us input on how to improve it!

Free beta access to the app