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12/8/2021 The online electrical retailer AO (Appliances Online) served 2 million customers last year, which makes it more than 8 million since its launch in 1999. The company makes thousands of deliveries a day across the United Kingdom and Germany, and it has almost one million square metres of warehousing.

For its growth plans in Germany, the UK based company has taken on board KMS TEAM and tasked the agency to optimise its brand strategy for the market. The aim is to grow awareness in the German audience and to bring the unique proposition of AO to customers.

Vera Schnitzlein, Head of Strategy KMS TEAM comments: »The shift to online shopping has accelerated constantly. Both the shopping habits and the expectations of consumers have changed. This is a great opportunity for online retailers once they have defined a clear value proposition to differentiate themselves from an increasing number of competitors.«