The power of corporate fonts

From books to screens, product packaging to signage in public spaces, designed typography is ever present in never-ending styles, shapes and forms.

Fonts are omnipresent – and increasingly so in this digital age. The prevalence of fonts certainly matches their importance, as their visual attitude possesses the power to shape opinions and decisions – perhaps the most exciting feature when it comes to real branding.

Along with iconography and pictograms, letters are the smallest formal manifestation of content. In other words, they are the basic element of differentiation that survives even on the most downscaled displays (like smartwatches, for example).

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It is human nature to develop an affinity for and interact with any kind of visual information. This is especially true in typographic design.

Hendrik Weber
Type Director KMS TEAM

Strong yet subtle identity

Just as there are countless facial features, letters can take on a multitude of appearances. Even when they appear to be similar, their expression can have a distinct signature. Every arc, stroke or angle has a story to tell, comparable to the genetic code that determines the human face. Typefaces are versatile and colourful, endowed with a diversity of cultural attributes which add to their uniqueness. For designers, they offer endless combinations we can, and must, leverage.

Brand differentiators

Typography plays an important role in projecting a company’s image, acting as a reinforcing component of the brand identity. Type can convey how a company sees itself, which in turn will influence how other people perceive it as well. In this sense, our work with CANYON is a perfect example. To reflect its mindset of constantly seeking new paths, we tilted the CANYON type to the left – contrary to the usual italic lettering. The inclination is based on the angle of the down tube on a bike frame. Moreover, the resulting typeface led to the creation of CANYON’s logotype, a striking and truly differentiating design able to visually place the brand in a league of its own.

Variable fonts offer countless possibilities, allowing us to achieve maximum type flexibility and differentiation for all devices and at all touchpoints.

Patrick Märki
Managing Partner KMS TEAM

Variable fonts: creating the finest digital typesetting

Turning our focus to the digital realm, the plethora of available devices poses a significant challenge in terms of displaying text on screen. Brands no longer exist in static environments but must rather adapt to changing conditions. This is where variable fonts come in, to create flexible and lasting brand experiences.

The desired flexibility has a strong technical essence. From light to bold, condensed to extended, the font can be primed for optimal readability and device performance, taking other aspects such as lighting into consideration. These various options create remarkable and distinctive visual characteristics.

A cost-effective solution

The benefits of a custom typeface extend far beyond its differentiation and adaptability, especially in contrast to font licensing. While license costs tend to go up over time due to extended usage, custom typefaces only require development and implementation expenditure in the shorter term. Furthermore, ownership of assets eliminates the legal risk of under-licensing.

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Even pictograms are essential elements in giving corporate appearance its own visual code.

Hendrik Weber
Type Director KMS TEAM

from A-Z

We are font design fanatics and experts who go the extra mile to provide custom typeface solutions, personalised to the smallest detail to fit your brand’s precise needs.

Step 1: Design
  • Keyword prototyping, general decision on design direction
  • Delivery of PDF´s for review and feedback
  • Drawing of primary weights with limited character set
  • Provision of draft font for evaluation
  • Review
Step 2: Production
  • Expansion of design space to all weights and styles
  • Building of character sets (diacritics, symbols, etc.) and optimization of spacing/kerning
  • Decision on additional styles like Italics, Condensed or Expanded
  • Design sign-off
Step 3: Engineering
  • Technical screen optimization, final check of all parameters
  • Addition of all font information, quality and application tests
  • Delivery and ongoing support

Type­faces made by KMS TEAM

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