We develop in-depth ideas for communi­cation – designed in such a way that they are not easy to attack. After all, they are based on brilliant strategic analysis.

Michael Pfeiffer-Belli

Brand success in the
experience economy

People expect more than just a perfect product from their brands: They want a convincing experience that offers opportunities for identification and interaction. It makes sense that this »experience«, developed on the basis of defined brand values, mindset and purpose, is a unique selling point and an important factor for success.

Strengthening the relationship
between people and brands

Digital first? We believe that people should always be the basis for brand communication. They need to understand the brand in order to make decisions – for a product, digital service, or a company to be their future employer. People experience the brand through rational and emotional values, and reflecting these values allows a meaningful relationship between people and a brand to grow and evolve.

Value-enhancing brand interaction

Good experiences benefit both people and brands. They promote customer loyalty, facilitate more effective communication, and allow for a greater focus on the right message. We create targeted brand communication and experiences for all channels and touchpoints. This includes defining how the brand feels in both a digital and physical space, and what emotional signals it needs to send to increase its value and develop a relationship.

Every aspect of the interaction between users and products impacts their perception of the brand, whether directly or indirectly.

Markus Sauer

Digital brand experiences
that build identity

When people interact with a digital product, service or system, all aspects of this user experience also impact their perception of the brand – both directly and indirectly. This blurs the boundaries between user experience and brand experience. For this reason, we closely align our digital brand experiences with the defined brand principles. They provide a reliable framework in which customer relationships can thrive in line with the brand.

Once upon a time, the image brochure was the de facto standard. Today, brands need an entire array of patterns that define their interactions and development. This isn’t a trend – it’s a necessity.

Gabriel Weiss

The brand inspires content, and vice versa

Stories, videos, images and graphics developed on the basis of established principles create unforgettable experiences – not just in marketing and content marketing, but all areas of the company. Brand content management allows us to ensure that all brand messages promote the emotional, thematic and stylistic aspects of our identity. At the same time, content provides key themes to help us further refine the brand.

Data leads to action

The insights we gain through various types of market analysis provide us with valuable feedback on people’s actual expectations and understanding. We translate these findings into data-based brand communication and experiences, which promote more personalised, intensive interactions between people and the brand. Data monitoring is just as worthwhile. It allows us to measure the results of our actions in real time, and make adjustments as needed – ensuring the best-possible return on your investment.

From implementation to
experience management

Brand values should be effectively and efficiently transformed into experiences. We support this effort through smart brand portals. We call them ‘smart’ because they can do far more than just ensure that all designs are in line with the defined specifications. They also serve as global brand ambassadors within the company, conveying the brand identity in a way that is both easy to understand and implement, and even include automated design tools. These portals make it possible to ensure brand-compliant implementation at the touch of a button – cutting costs and increasing consistency. Our user training sessions and other onboarding options also promote profitable experience management.

Effective brand manage­ment in today's world happens more often than ever at digital touch points. In addition to being intuitive to use, it needs to create a significant brand experience.

Reinhard Schneider

Experience covers:
  • Websites / apps
  • Digital products / AR / VR
  • Service design
  • Employer branding & engagement
  • Brand language / tone of voice
  • Brand & corporate communication
  • Brand communication & campaign
  • Film & animation
  • Editorial & magazine
  • Spatial branding
  • Packaging design
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