Strategy, the nucleus
of future success

Today, successful business models and markets depend more than ever on two factors: an increased awareness of using and conserving resources in conducting business, and the ever-present digital transformation. We’re convinced that players who know the right determining factors and take bold, proactive measures will effectively turn changes into lasting improvements.

Strategy is where we find the best-possible alignment for your company with future goals – providing key points of orientation for your organisation and manage­ment team, your brand, and for all internal and external communi­cation.

Culture before process

Companies aren’t like machines. Instead, they are a community of engaged people. Our approach to strategy sees the brand as a means of promoting culture – and, if necessary, a necessary manage­ment tool for bringing about change. We work with you to find perspectives for your company’s very important focus on its customers and the rest of society. This is how we connect purpose to business develop­ment. At the same time, we reveal how this culture of entrepreneurial coexistence can also be your strength.

Awaken and harness

Any brand that plays a major role in society today captivates people through meaningful interactions that create value. As strategists, our goal is to identify these forces of attraction and put them to use for your company. To do this, we focus intensively on your company and markets, as well as people’s motivations and behaviours.

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Guide brands
into the future

Where do you see your company in one, five or ten years? It will be wherever you and your brand take it. In fact, the brand is one of the most powerful tools you have to realign your company with your goals when confronted with volatile market conditions. We devise the right strategy for your individual company, including specific development scenarios as well as recom­men­dations for action to ensure a continuous, consistent and seam­less transformation.

Turn tomorrow’s plans
into reality

The best strategy is worthless on paper. As an experienced implementation partner, working with us will translate into tangible results more quickly. We play an active role as a strategy ambassador – conveying the purpose, change targets and specific need for action to all stakeholders, both internally and externally. This is how we ensure that your strategy is implemented effectively and comprehensively throughout the entire company.

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Strategy covers:
  • Audit & research
  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Digital growth
  • Positioning / identity
  • Purpose & corporate vision
  • Brand architecture & portfolio
  • Change management & culture
  • Innovative organisation & processes
  • Employer branding & employer value proposition
Meet the team
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    Vera Schnitzlein

    Head of Strategy

  • Kms team simon betsch 01 4 3

    Simon Betsch

    Managing Partner

  • Kms team nadine nadler 01 4 3

    Nadine Nadler

    Strategy Director