How do youstart a globaleyewear revolution?

JINS Becoming the market leader in Japan’s highly competitive eyewear market is a major feat. But Hitoshi Tanaka wanted even more: to expand internationally and inspire customers around the entire world – and not by simply copying and pasting their national strategy. Instead, JINS wanted to establish a competitive, desirable global brand that would translate into lasting success for the future global player.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Change management & culture
  • Corporate design
  • Typography / corporate fonts
  • Brand communication & campaign
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Success through identity-
based management

The company’s 3,500 global employees needed clear direction in order to make better decisions. They found this in the brand identity, which provides inspiration, promotes growth and makes the management’s approach to leadership easy to understand. The founder’s intuitive, instinctive management style served as the basis for clear principles that are now used to effectively lead the company, contributing stability, clarity and clout.

Our work is not designed to produce a bit of communication at the end. Instead, JINS founder Hitoshi Tanaka can now run his company using principles that everyone clearly understands and supports.

Simon Betsch

100% focused, including the product range

Every product that isn’t a perfect match for the brand weakens it. JINS founder Hitoshi Tanaka knew this. This is why we strictly aligned the product range with the global market, linking brick and mortar stores to e-commerce. We also formulated a brand promise that reflected the magnitude of the company’s goals: »Magnify Life!«.

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Our goal is to become the world’s leading international eyewear brand. We are convinced that we have the right partner at our side.

Hitoshi Tanaka

Brand identity that sets JINS apart
around the world

JINS expertly used branding to market its business success in Japan around the entire world. The lifestyle brand effectively linked its distinctive product range and digital services with internationally renowned experiences: eccentric pop products, visionary wearables, collaborations with cult brands like Bose, and spectacular exhibitions. Today, people don’t just see JINS – they also feel JINS.

If we want to be a community brand that is as accessible to as many people as possible, a person’s face should be our benchmark.

Patrick Märki

We wanted to use JINS’ strength of connecting online and offline activities more intensively in the brand’s continued development, especially to demonstrate the company’s unique character.

Simon Betsch

We always look at each company’s history. After all, you should always take the story of the company’s founding into account when developing the brand.

Simon Betsch

Continuing the story with authenticity

The JINS strategy helped the brand transition from the Japanese to the international market without losing its connection to its roots. We took the story of the company’s founding into account when developing the brand, which helped us create a solid, lasting foundation for its global growth.

JINS Eyewear

JINS is a leading eyewear manufacturer with stores in Japan, China, Taiwan and the United States. The innovative lifestyle brand operates around 2,700 stores and has around 2,500 employees. Sales in 2018 totaled 460 million euros.

Meet the team
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    Simon Betsch

    Managing Partner

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    Patrick Märki

    Managing Partner

Services and results
  • As a long-time brand strategy partner to JINS, we effectively translated the leadership culture of the company founder into management and brand principles that helped to shape the company’s identity.
  • Our solutions for corporate identity, corporate design, corporate font as well as brand and product communication created the framework to successfully expand the brand on a global scale. We used KPIs to demonstrate the impact and efficiency of our activities.
  • The JINS fan community grew from 4,413,960 to 5,277,302 people between 2015 and 2019. At the same time, the credibility of the premium price improved from 7,121 to 7,912 yen.
  • The improved brand image was measured based on the reduced advertising spend per unit sold, with costs dropping from 426 to 382 yen.