JUWI Group and Windwärts Energie GmbH are pioneers in the field of renew­able energies. For over 25 years, these experts have completed success­ful renew­able energy projects around the globe – from Europe to Asia.

The two companies have joined forces as part of the MVV Energie AG group under the name »JUWI«. This merger has created a sustain­able energy power­house that can better utilise the market oppor­tunities and potential of the energy transition.

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The energy loop, symbol of the infinite nature of renewable energies

The circle represents renewal, continuity and precision. Our idea for the design emerged from this approach: The energy loop symbolises the infinite nature of renewable energies in JUWI’s communi­cation. Whether moving or still, it forms the top edge of the wordmark.

Our Strategy and Design teams worked closely together to develop the brand strategy and corporate design for the new company. We also coined the tagline »Energizing Sustainability«, which also serves as the brand core – effectively expressing the new company’s potential.

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KMS TEAM success­fully devel­oped a brand identity that reflects our pioneering role.

Carsten Bovenschen

How is the JUWI brand changing?

Carsten Bovenschen, CEO and CFO JUWI Group, says: »The EU Green Deal combined with new climate neutrality goals in Germany and key inter­national markets has improved the environ­ment for renewable energies even further over the past several months. JUWI is a company with out­standing perspec­tives that is also a pioneer in the imminent energy transition. KMS TEAM success­fully devel­oped a brand identity that precisely reflects this.«

The brand identity is reflected in a series of design principles: precise & techno­logical, progressive & visionary, positive & approach­able. Primary colours range from Tech­nical Blue, Energizing Mint and Activating Green to White and Black. The gradient from the energy loop lends momentum to the design, giving it a unique look. The UX and UI elements feature the new brand typeface, Circular – which completes the circle.

Knut Maierhofer, KMS TEAM founder and Managing Partner, explains: »We created the new brand identity for MVV in 2016. I'm delighted that we had the oppor­tunity to develop a new identity for their subsidiary, JUWI – a leader in wind and solar energy. I was also impressed by the creative collabo­ration of all partners involved, which was a major factor for the success of this project.«

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An expert in project develop­ment, Juwi is a depend­able operations manager in design, engineering and construction. The company also provides tech­nical and economic support for renewable energy systems. Juwi is driven by a vision of achieving »100% renewable« – with customers and their communities, for society and generations to come. Juwi couples many years of expertise with inno­vative techno­logies in pursuit of this goal: To date, the company has installed over *6,000 MW of wind and solar energy – further reinforcing the tagline »Energizing Sustainability«.

Meet the team
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    Nadine Nadler

    Strategy Director

  • Kms team alexander geh 03 4 3

    Alexander Geh

    Creative Director

  • Kms team knut maierhofer 03 4 3

    Knut Maierhofer

    Managing Partner / Founder

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