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MANEnergy Solutions

Meeting the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement is proving to be one of the major challenges of our century. The ambitious accord aims to achieve a carbon-neutral global economy by the year 2050. MAN Energy Solutions, a global player in the engineering industry, is committed to achieving this goal with a very specific new strategy. Sustainable technologies will make up the majority of the company’s sales by 2030.

  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Naming / tagline
Brand profile, corporate design and tagline

The brand’s progressive overall look reflects this new self-image. The overarching idea »Digital Horizon« effectively expresses the company’s change in perspective, while the tagline »Future in the making« speaks for itself. Each element of the brand identity is part of the message, communicating the company’s mission at every touch point and in every medium: transforming energy for the sustainable progress and well-being of future generations.

Unique imagery

Highly relevant imagery gives viewers a new perspective, revealing a comprehensive view of the company. The logo has a flat design without metallic effects, representing MAN's new digital focus. Complex information and innovations are presented in 3D visuals.

Virtual reality for interactive
product experiences

Virtual reality is especially helpful for explaining large, complex products like MAN engines and turbomachinery in a way that is easier to understand - whether in training settings, at trade shows or during remote maintenance. The VR design system includes a systemic, an adaptable GUI kit that defines the brand and how it is perceived in the virtual space. Flexible, modular and scalable, it is the versatile foundation for all future brand applications in VR.

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Every VR application is a huge point of contact with the brand. In this case, immersion means moving within the world of the MAN brand and interacting directly with it. The VR design system ensures that every experience is on brand and also meets all requirements.

Martin Stich-Kluge

MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions develops solutions for a climate-neutral global economy and society in the fields of industrial production, energy and the maritime sector. Based in Germany, the company has around 14,000 employees at over 120 locations worldwide.

Meet the team
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    Gabriel Weiss

    Motion Design Director

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    Markus Sauer

    Digital Design Director

  • Positioning / identity
  • Logo design
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX/UI design
  • Naming / tagline
  • Imagery / illustration / iconography