Making Markantstronger

Markant helps suppliers and vendors optimize their processes and payment systems along the entire value chain. Constant growth and expansion into new markets pose major challenges for the company, making it necessary to rethink its brand strategy and communication.

New umbrella brand with new impact

In working with Markant, the central questions for brand management quickly became clear: What does Markant stand for? And: What does Markant do? We refined the positioning of the B2B brand along the entire portfolio of services to ensure long-term success in existing and new markets. Our new brand identity conveys Markant's range of services as a one-stop shop for retail and industry in a clear, easy-to-understand and approachable way - especially through our new digital platform concept.

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A customer-focused and digital fit ecosystem

We used the entire potential of the brand name for the new brand identity: »Mach es markant« (»Make it markant«) is the new tagline. It appeals to Markant's partners in a proactive way, communicating the idea of cooperation. It conveys a feeling of momentum while being equally distinctive and friendly.

The logo and imagery transport the concept behind the communication: Thanks to Markant, customers can keep track of the essential aspects of their businesses. The two colours symbolise the idea of an reliable partner that sees eye to eye with others.

Reinhard Schneider, Head of Digital, KMS TEAM: »Thanks to the new digital brand identity, target audiences can easily understand the USP of Markant's services and potential for increasing efficiency. The case shows how we can quickly and clearly convey extremely complex products and services with smart design - creating trust through transparency and clarity. And make a strong brand even stronger, more digital and more viable.«

Ironically, the market expert no. 1 lacked their own branding concept. Now, Markant is ready to expand internationally.

Knut Maierhofer

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The case shows how we can quickly and easily convey extremely complex products and services with smart design – creating trust through transparency and clarity.

Reinhard Schneider


For over 60 years, Markant has been promoting collaboration between wholesalers and retailers and their suppliers and manufacturers. The idea behind this cooperation is still essential to the company's future development. Markant has 1,000 employees working at 11 locations around the world, supporting 14,000 suppliers and 150 retailers with sales totalling over 110 billion euros.

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